CRISIS in U.S. – Lack of Justice for 99% – updated 10/19/2017

        I. The only way slavery and genocide can exist openly in a society is with the participation of the government – and indirectly the people. In the United States the final check on tyranny was supposed to be the judicial department, composed of courts governed by judges whose judicial power was intended to be checked by juries of citizens. But a predictable thing occurred when the judges nixed juries (by employing procedural technicalities to get around their constitutional authority) and mixed with the rich and powerful… The judges took sides; the wrong side — the side of the rich of powerful against providing justice for the people. See e.g. Dahlia Lathwick, “This Court Erred: The Supreme Court has almost always sided with the wealthy, the privileged, and the powerful, a new book argues” Slate (September 30, 2014) reviewing 2014 book by Constitutional Law Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, The Case Against the Supreme Court. See also “Do the “Haves” Come Out Ahead over Time? Applying Galanter’s Framework to Decisions of the U.S. Courts of Appeals, 1925-1988”, 33 Law & Soc’y Rev. 811 (1999); Galanter, Mark, “Why the ‘Haves’ Come Out Ahead: Speculations on the Limits of Legal Change” (1994). As my two previous articles on “the evolution of debt slavery in modern times” assert, american courts have consistently used their Article III judicial power to benefit the rich and powerful at the cost of providing justice for the people. In the Dred Scott v Sanford ruling the Supreme Court concluded the entire race … Continue Reading