I am scheduled to speak at a judicial forum at Horizon House in Seattle tonight at 7:00 pm.  I am wondering whether my opponent, Susan Owens, will show up there.  I hope so.  If not, I wonder whether she will send another male justice to represent her.

Then I have to get on a plane for Yakama.  I’m going to stay at Jose’s, a  client’s home (at least for now unless somne court decides otherwise).  I will have breakfast with some of Jose’s friends and ask them to vote for me. 

Then I will go to the Yakima Herald at 11:00 AM for an interview. 

The Jose and I will drive to the Tri Cities, for another campaign event, which starts at 2:00 PM.

It will be interesting to see if Susan Owens attends either of these forums given she did not show up at the Panarama forum which is 20 minutes away from where she lives.

As I scurry across the state I more and more resent the misstatements in the Seattle Time’s and Tacoma Tribune’s editorial that I am not campaigning as much as Susan Owens.  The truth it seems like I am the only one out here campaigning.  WHY DON”T THE NEWSPAPERS TELL THE PEOPLE THE TRUTH?

I wonder if this is what it was like in Germany years ago before the war.

Anyway, my friend Lynn has agreed to dog-sit Dottie.   Dottie loves Lynn and her three dogs. 

Lynn was going to put some “Stafne for Justice” yard signs up on Everett.  Hope she did.

I’ve got more to say today, but no time to say it now.  I will write more later. But may have to so so over the course of the next few days.

Vaya con Dios.

SUBSEQENT ADDITIONS (written July 17, 2012 at 9:10 – 10:55 pm)

This campaigning is exhilarating.  I can see how it could become addictive.  Therefore, I promise right now to make this my one and only election attempt. 

I went to the candidate forum at Horizon House.   I was the first one in the room.  There were lots of chairs.  More chairs than I had leaflets.  So I put a leaflet on every other chair until I ran out.   Then I started placing my cards on every other chair until there were no more. 

Justice Gonzales was the next person in the room.  I said “hi Steve”.  He said “hi Mr. Stafne”.  I responded “please call me Scott”, feeling a little awkward about calling him by his first name.  He said, “Really” and I said “Please”.  So he called me Scott.  It felt pretty good to be on a first name basis with a Justice of the Supreme Court.   Steven Gonzales  is quite likable. I wonder if his opponent, Mr. Danielson, will ever show up to be compared with Justice Gonzales.  I’m also wondering if Susan Owens will show up here to be compared with me.

I think Justice Sanders was the next person in the room.  Sheryl McCloud entered next.  I left the auditorium to go the rest room and ran into AO.  AO is the daughter of my campaign manager Virginia.  Virginia has been an inspiration to me in this campaign.  We are both on board with the idea that this campaign is about faith… about turning it over to a power greater than ourselves.  This makes the campaign an adventure; not an ordeal or crusade.

AO lives in LA, but has returned home for a while.  She is wonderful singer, courageous young lady, and has lots of Facebook friends.  She agreed to help with my Facebook page.  This is a real blessing as I have been struggling with Facebook, especially with the 18 to 24 demographic.  I am happy AO will help me as she is in this demographic. 

Once again Justice Owens does not turn up for the forum.  Once again this means I go first.  I didn’t want to go first because Horizon House has asked all the speakers to answer an interesting legal question about criminalization of organ donations for money.

I stood up and walked to the microphone.  I said my name was Scott Stafne and that I was running for Supreme Court Justice Position 2.  Suddenly, this well-dressed woman in the second row ordered “answer the question”.  I was a little taken aback.

 I went on to state that the reason I was running for Supreme Court was because I believed to processes of the judicial department were failing.  I explained that I was happy to answer the substantive legal issue posed but that my issues with the court were far deeper than how justices addressed particular factual situtations.  How a case is processed affect the basis of the common law and interpretation of statutes, which ultimately affects the substantive decision-making.

So after saying this I spent the rest of my time explaining how I would handle the proposed factual situation as a judge. 

I thought all of the candidates at the forum did quite well in discussing the hypothetical posed, which Sheryl McCloud indicated was much like a Ninth Circuit decision she had read dealing with bone morrow.

During the question and answer period I was able to make several of my points with regard to how judicial decision-making was deteriorating because of the high percentage of unpublished non-precedential opinions being produced by the Courts of Appeal, with the approval of the Supreme Court.   I explained how this practice was negatively impacting homeowners and imposing unnecessary unpredictability in the law.

Once the forum was over I drove to the airport to fly to Yakima. 

As we were talking off I struck up a conversation with a man named Tom, who was sitting next to me.  Tom was returning home after a nine day fishing trip to Alaska.  The largest fish he had caught was a 60 pound halibut.  I told him about my experiences working as the lawyer for Alaska longliners and west coast salmon trollers shortly after the United States adopted the 200 mile limit, aka exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Tom was four years older than me.  You don’t find too many of those around.  We talked about fishing in the sixties.  In Iowa we got bass and northern pike.  Tom was catching sturgeon.  Back then, Tom said, the limit was three six feet sturgeon a day.   The size limit has been reduced in recent years so as to protect the spawning base. 

I told Tom I was running for the Supreme Court.  I told him I believed the judicial system was failing.  I also told him I believed our political system was not working.  He agreed. 

The foreclosures of people’s homes and the designation of corporations as “peope” for purposes of contributing to campigns had shaken him.  Tom and I talked about how the country seemed to be divided into an “us” and “them”.  We both agreed that “them” did not have our best interests at heart.  Nor did we think were they particularly interested in the best interests of the people.

We got off the plane via a stairway to the ground in Yakima.  Tom waited for his luggage.  I shook his hand and asked if wanted a card.  Tom said he remembered my name.  Then he said “Stafne”.  I did not think he would forget, but gave him my card to be safe. 

 It was raining lightly as I walked away into the airport and out to the arrival area.  Jose was waiting there.  I got into his truck and we drove to his house.

Jose lives in Sunnyside, which is about halfway between Yakima and the Tri-Cities.   Jose had owned one of the largest orchards in Washington before members of the “them” started their attack on his property.   Fortunately, Jose heard about our firm before he lost his home.   

We were able to stop Jose and his family being removed from his home, but the legal battles are not over.  They are just stalled for now.  Wew hope their will be a fair settlement. 

I followed Jose into his unfinished mansion, which banks and investors had tried to take as spoils of their economic assault on Jose.  I realized there were a lot of people like Jose.  Millions. 

Jose took me into the kitchen.  He said his daughter had cooked up some food earkier. 

 He spooned the stew into a bowl, which he then microwaved for four minutes.  The meal filled me.  When done, I said I needed to get to bed.   

Jose took me to my room.  Then left.

 I undressed quickly and got into bed.   


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