Scott Stafne revisits his past and finds wisdom

Scott Stafne revisits his past and finds wisdom…

Each memento comes with a soul weight that may overwhelm or be hidden from the moment in which it is revealed and recollected. The memories attached thereto are not only about me but the context of the society at that time…

Sometimes we forget.

It was as if I was being called to the boxes which stored my past.

I really did not want to go there because my focus was on the present and how it could impact my future.

But now that I am older I listen more to my callings.

And so Saturday morning I opened the boxes and explored the various accumulations of a lifetime, including without limitation my birth certificate, draft card, poetry, plays, newspaper articles, and other mementos which had found their way into the boxes wedged into back of the pantry and the file boxes in my office. The first thing I noticed was that most of the papers were crinkled; some even appeared to have been snacked on.

It is difficult to review mementos in the same way that I attack facts and documents when preparing to write a legal brief.

Each memento comes with a soul weight that may overwhelm or be hidden from the moment in which it is revealed and recollected. The memories attached thereto are not only about me but the context of the society at that time. For example, on December 24, 2014 I wrote a blog entitled “Do we want police more devoted to one another than the people“.

What I say in that blog is much the same as what I said when supporting my hometown chief of police in 1972 against a city council that wanted to replace him.



As I read my words quoted by the reporter of that then current event occurring decades past, I realize the differences between then and now. Is there any place left in the empire where a city or town has not been militarized to the point where fear is not the first reaction to police? Are we better off living with armies in our cities?

Another article I found reminded me this is not the first law firm I have been involved with which has been attacked for representing clients the empire found inconvenient. As I held this article I remembered that I was at a North Pacific Fisheries Management Council meeting in Anchorage, Alaska when it was published a few days after the the arson occurred. Then I remembered the smoldering remains in Ballard…

trollers blaze

As I look through the memories and see myself being described in a magazine as the “slight earnest young lawyer” who brought the lawsuit challenging the State Department’s authority to negotiate an extension of the Canada-U.S. fishing agreement, I smile because I don’t recall being slight and/or young. I also smile because my adversary in that case was Lloyd Cutler, a lawyer appointed by President Carter to resolve the international situation our lawsuit had created.

But I need to get back to my point and forget the memories so I can conclude this blog.

In the last box among the last papers I found was an order from the United States Supreme Court signed by Associate Justice William Rehnquist which I have been looking for ever since I first ran for Washington’s Supreme Court. I talked about this order in one of my latest blogs “Do judges really think we the people are stupid” and in two of my blogs several years ago: “Ordinary People, Legends, and a Historical Figure” and “Ordinary People, Legends, and a Historical Figure, Part 2“.

So here it is the order the courts could not find:

SupremeCourt Order

And as you can see Justice Rehnquist stated with regard to my client’s argument: “I concluded that there was substance to applicants’ petition and called for responses. These responses have not dispelled my concerns.” Justice Rehnquist then ordered the Ninth Circuit be given the opportunity to rule in favor of my client’s application.

But no one seems to know where the Ninth Circuit decision is. Perhaps this newly found order by Justice Rehnquist will help them locate the Ninth Circuit’s ruling..

It is my recollection that Judge Sneed wrote either the majority or dissenting opinion. I can’t remember which. But the dissent was clearly more eloquent than the majority opinion.

Hopefully, the Ninth Circuit will find its decision so I can show it to you here on my blog.

I’ll ask the court to find it via a FOIA request.

Strange it has to come to that.



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