I am at my office today “house keeping” with regard to my campaign.

Arlington is having a festival outside on North Olympic Avenue, just outside my office.  Arlington has lots of festivals.  It is an exemplary community.  It is a good place to grow up, to live, and to work.

I wandered Olympic Avenue and found a great festival burger, which I devoured.  I then visited my good friends Claire and Ellen at Fogdog Gallery, 233 North Olympic Avenue, which is on the same block as my office.

If you want to see some great local art you should visit Fogdog Gallery.  Fogdog also has poetry readings on Thursday nights.

I had my own little “universe” installed by one of Fogdog’s local artists named Marvin Lilley on the roof of the Pod, where I seep when I stay at the office.

I noticed that we are having trouble with Facebook.  Some how (it is a long story) I have three pages being run by different individuals.  I can easily access only one of them easily.  The other two are more problematic.

This problem is compounded by the fact that I am new to Facebook.  (Remember before this campaign I was more introverted than even Steve Gonzales and had made a conscience choice to avoid social media.)  Well, when I decided to run I dived in and apparently hit some rocks.  I’m now conscious again and trying to figure out how to swim in these waters.

Although Facebook indicates I have new friend requests, when I try to accept them it says I am blocked for 7 days because I tried to befriend people I do not know.  So if you have asked to be my friend and I have not responded this should explain why.  I want to be a friend of the people…  All of the people.

So if you want to communicate with me feel free to comment here on my blog.


I have been asked to recommend those Supreme Court judicial candidates campaigning in other races who people should  vote for.  I will do so on August 1, 2012.

I am willing to provide endorsements because I have first-hand knowledge that newspapers and bar associations don’t consider the actual facts and/or state their reasons for endorsements.

As you know if you have been reading my blog, right now I am impressed by Justice Steve Gonzales, who is running for Position 8.  However, I haven’t heard anything about his opponent’s positions.

I will reach out to Bruce Danielson to learn his position on judicial fairness and issues of concern to the people.  Hopefully, if he is not running just on the fact that Steve has a Hispanic name,  Bruce Danielson will walk with us other candidates down the campaign trail.

Of course, the same criticism regarding Danielson’s failure to campaign can be made of my opponent, Susan Owens.  Susan, where are you??

I know I am criticizing the whole Supreme Court, but I am running aginst you.

Hopefully, at some point you will speak for yourself.  I trust you will be at the upcoming debate.

I am not ready to endorse anyone in the crowded race for position 9, Tom Chambers’ old position.   Chambers, a former trial attorney, has endorsed former Justice Richard Sanders.  It seems to me that Sanders lost his position because of an editorial flip-flop by the Seattle Times, a newspaper which I do not respect for accuracy or empathy with the people.

Sanders is an able advocate for the Constituion and people’s rights.  I have great respect for him.  But I need more time with Hilyer, McCloud, and Lautenberg before I can tell you who I will be voting for in position 9.


Someone commented that a google search indicated I gave money to Obama in the last election.  I did.  An old friend of mine from DePauw, David Cardin, called me and said Obama was different kind of politician.  He would bring change.  David Cardin is now an ambassador.  So Obama brought change for him.  Not so much for people losing their homes.

I am disappointed in Obama’s failure to stand on the side of the people where there is evidence bankers and servicers committed outright fraud when taking people’s homes.

I am also disturbed by Obama breaking his promise not to have the federal government interfere with each state’s enforcement of their own medical marijuana laws.  His excuse that the state laws are not being followed is disingenuous and dishonest.

But “1 percenter” Romney smells so much of rank aristocracy, that I don’t know how anyone who sides with the people could vote for him.

When will we get a viable political party which wants to represent the interests of the people?  Or is that hope doomed because all the money has tricked up to those few people who can afford to buy and sell politicians?

These may sound like harsh questions.   But I’m just asking what do we the people have to do to make things get better when voting does not work?

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