The skies clapped and growled all day long.  It was like the tropics in the Northwest for a day.  There were lightning streaks and rain; but each was on its own schedule.

I didn’t notice the weather until the afternoon.   I drove a client back to his home and discovered his oasis of gardens, English bulldogs, cats, llamas, and a horse.  His wife preaches on Comcast.  The trees were unique and well groomed.  That’s when I first noticed the guttural thunder.

After staying up last night until 1:30 AM writing my blog, the morning came early as I got up five hours later to work on a petition for review.  I stayed overnight at my office in “the pod”, which is an old “walk in” closet in the back.  I had a single bed installed there because occasional snow falls had prevented return to my mountain home.

Now I was using the Pod to stay at the office and work when necessary.  The upstairs portion of the Stafne Law Firm previously was used as an apartment; so it has a kitchen and full bathroom.  In the day four of us work there.  During the night, when I stay there, it is like a second home for Dottie and I.  Dottie is my rat terrier friend and companion, who does not like being left alone and whines.

When I climb into bed there is no top sheet .  My mind is not turning off on command.  I pray.  Finally slumber takes me.

At 8:30 AM I stop working to get ready for my 10:30 AM interview with the King County Bar Association.  For the last three days I have been wearing brown outfits because I broke my black glasses.  So I put in contacts and wore a dark blue suit.  I put my reading glasses into my shirt.

Gary picked me up and we drove to the King County Bar Association.  He dropped me off and I took the elevator up to the sixth floor.  I told the receptionist I had come for the interview.  She knew that it was going to occur and introduced me to a lady who told me the committee was not ready yet.  She gestured toward the waiting area, where a woman was sitting.  The seated woman  told me she was waiting there to see a lawyer about a domestic situation.

I told her I was running for Supreme Court.

She had two family members who were being threatened with foreclosure.  We both agreed that something was amiss in the country.   I gave her our office phone number.  I was then ushered into see the committee.

There seemed to be about twenty people gathered around the large conference table.  No one was sitting in the chair at the head of the conference table until I did.  I was asked if I wanted to give a short opening statement before I was asked questions.  I said “no, but I would like time for a closing statement”.

The meeting was cordial.  There was no laughing.  No smiles after the introductions had been made.

I remember trying to tell the committee that my open criticism of the courts, and the concept of judicial review, was for the benefit of the judicial department.  You can tell when people don’t agree with you.  I knew they did not agree that our courts should be challenged openly and this was confirmed a few hours later, when the woman who first greeted me called to say I had been determined to be “unqualified”.  I asked her if the recommendation was based on my challenges to the judicial system.  She said she was not there, did not know, and the process was confidential.

In twelve step programs I learned that secrets contribute to the dysfunction of families.  I believe they also contribute to the dysfunction of the courts and the Catholic Church.

I will write more about secrets later.  I am tired and will take the opportunity to go to bed before 11:00 PM rather than ramble on.

It is good to be old.  Not really “old”, but old.  Or maybe old-old is fun too.  Who knows until  they get there?

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