JULY 12, 2012 — A LONG DAY

Where is Justice Owens?


This morning I got up and drove with Gary, one of my campaign assistants, to Lacey to speak at the candidate forum at the Panorama House.  It is a community of approximately 1,200 elder persons, like me.

As luck would have it I was called upon to speak first.  (Actually, it wasn’t luck.  Doug McQuaid and Susan Owens, my opponents, would have had to speak first if they had attended.)

Normally, I don’t like to go first.  But this seemed like a great opportunity this morning.  My opponents had not shown up.  Gary and I would be able to leave quickly after I spoke to drive to Port Ludlow for the Washington League of Women Voters’ forum.  But after I spoke and was on my way out I heard a spokesperson announce that Justice Gonzales would be speaking for my opponent, Justice Owens.  So I stopped my exit and waited to hear what he would say.

I recall Justice Gonzales praised Susan Owen’s common sense and rural background.  I thought back to my Iowa roots and my Arlington, Washington home and business and wanted to let everyone know “I’m rural too”.

When Justice Gonzales began speaking about himself he said “I’m an introvert, so I don’t like talking about myself …”.  I thought: “what a great way to put it” because I also feel like that.  I don’t know if he did talk about himself because Gary and I were out the door right after he said that.

We stopped at Abblebys to get lunch.  As we were waitng for our lunch to come a lady sitting next to us commented that she lived alone and came to this restaurant three or four days a week to get out of the house.  She knew all the waitresses by first name.  She said she was 80, but did not look it.  I told her I was running for Supreme Court Justice and why.  She wrote down my name and said she would vote for me.

Then back to the car and on to Port Ludlow.  I slept most of the way.  We got to the Beach House at 6:00 pm; an hour before the candidate’s forum.  When we got out of the car, we met a striking woman with a wonderful smile who confirmed we were at the right place.    She said we were early and asked if we were hungry.  We were, so she directed us to an elegant restaurant, just steps away from the beach house.

The day was one of those sunny days which spectacularly set off the Olympic Peninsula.  The restaraunt was pricey.  I had four shrimp.  Being a diabetic I am supposed to eat six meals a day.  I don’t like my eating being regimented.

After our appetizers we walked back to the beach house.  Gary got the campaign fliers and we entered the forum.  There I noticed Justice Sanders talking to a tall man.  As I approached Justice Sanders I recognized the tall man as Justice Charles Johnson.  I greeted both men.  Justice Sanders left and I got to talk with Justice Johnson.

He is a warm person who obviously loves this State.  I was impressed by his reminiscing about being on the Court when it was staking out new ground regarding the Washington Constitution, especially Art. 1, Sec. 7.  (This is Washington’s broader recognition of those rights protected by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.)

Later I saw him again when I walked outside.  I had heard that he initially won his race for the Supreme Court because his name was Johnson.  I don’t think so.  He appeared to be a humble servant of the law.

Then he told me he would be speaking on behalf of Susan Owens at the event.  I wondered “where is Susan Owens?”

As luck would have it, I was seated between Justices Johnson and Gonzales at the forum.  (This was luck because someone who was running for position 9 could have been sitting by me.)  I commented I liked sitting there.

Justice Johnson spoke first.  Justice Johnson talked to the audience about Susan’s common sense and her rural background.  I thought “now’s my chance to tell the audience about Iowa and Arlington”, but I forgot to say anything about them.  But those of you reading this blog now know I have a rural backgound, common sense, and a lot of academic distinctions.

Justice Gonzales, who was stting to my left, also has many of the same academic distinctions.  At this forum I listened to him talk about himself.  He spoke well about himself and his accomplishments.  I was impressed.  I also think I am more introverted.

After the forum Gary showed me a piece of Justice Gonzales’ campaign literature which touted his creds on the front and listed produce on the back.  Or maybe the produce part was actually the front.  Who knows?  But it was a thoughful and provocative calling card.  Gary noted that the list didn’t include lambert cherries, but was totally blown away the card.  On the way home Gary kept saying “Gonzales is the real deal”.  I could not disagree.

It seemed to be the consensus that one of the reasons Justice Gonzales should win was because his opponent had not shown up at any of the forums.  I wondered why that same reasoning should not be applied to my race.  It seems like I am the only one out campaigning for Position 2.

No, really, where is Susan Owens?  I see the mailings she sends to lawyers asking for money.  Does she intend to simply buy her position on the Supreme Court?

Perhaps it is appropriate that Justice Owens asks other justices to appear at her campaign events as my assault on the judicial department is not limited to her; but relates to (among other things) the entire Supreme Court not appropriately overseeing the courts of appeal.

My stating my beliefs about the failings of the judicial department in Washington State does not affect my positive observations about Justices Johnson and Gonzales as people.  Indeed, having met these Justices I am encouraged that if they find out what I say is true they will take appropriate steps to deal with any problems they find.

Oh, and one other thing.  When I was asked about diversity I stated I was a gay man.  Gary said he was moved when I later talked about the court’s moral obligation to our nation’s citizens.  I don’t recall exactly what he was talking about, but I think television cameras captured the whole event.

Tomorrow I meet with the King Count Bar Association for their evaluation of me at 10:30 am.  I have to get up early  to finsih up a petition for review that needs to be filed in the Supreme Court before 5:00 pm.

I keep telling myself “this is the experience of a lifetime”.

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