Life evolves.  That is the order of things.

There are individual changes.  And there are societal changes.

Monumental changes are not fully appreciated until they have occurred or are in their final stages.

For example, smoking has been around since 5000 B.C.  Indeed, smoking was pretty much an accepted social activity for much of my life.

An old family picture I found demonstrates the magnitude of the change in our culture regarding smoking in the 65 years of my existence.


This is my Dad and me.  See the cigarette?  This doesn’t happen as much in twenty-first century America.

I remember that in the nineteen-seventies and eighties I would consume a pack or two of cigarettes while I took a deposition.  That certainly does not happen now (both because I quit smoking in 1984 and because such conduct would no longer be tolerated.)

Smoking is older than coinage and perhaps as old, or older than money itself.  If people can come to a consensus that smoking should be deterred, can we not come to similar conclusions about our monetary systems and materialism generally?

The peoples of the world can and should decide that the monetary system and materialism which it promotes has become more harmful to the whole of humanity than is warranted by the benefits it provides to a few.

It is time to reflect with regard to whether money and materialism gets in the way of achieving those goals which are necessary for our planet’s survival and evolutionary growth.

As we battle to keep the banks from taking our homes and holding our youth subject to lifetime debt, we should acknowledge that we are not alone in our struggles for a better future…  a better world.

If you look beyond our leaders and those who claim to be the owners of everything you will see there are many like us.  Many who recognize that the world cannot survive when the accumulation of money remains a primary purpose.

Materialism must come to an end.



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