It is Tuesday evening; almost midnight.  Already passed my “I need to get to sleep” time.  I finished watering the garden, have finished the start of a “fire and brimstone” brief (they always get watered down some)  And now I’m finishing the blog I started last night.

So a lot of cool things happened last week.  But the most touching occurred the Monday morning before yesterday.  I drove down the mountain, parked my car, and entered the thrift shop next door to the ST office.  I often say hi the owners of the neighboring thrift store on Mondays while I check out some of the treasures they have found over the weekend.

That morning, Jeff says “Hey, Scott.  I want you to look at something.”  When Jeff or his wife, Becky, tell me they want me to see something, this immediately gets my attention.  I smile and ask “what you got?” Jeff reaches behind the counter and shows me a piece of art he’s drawn.  “I wanted you to have this”.

As my eyes focus on the image it is clear that the picture was designed to tell a story. I am drawn into the etching.  There is a short silence.  Then Jeff begins to speak.  He tells me the drawing began with the cross.  And at that point I felt shivers.  I remember him showing me the empty teller, the gavel banging into a toilet, and the money shooting into the air.  I heard what he said, but was dumbstruck, humbled, and honored all at the same time.


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