While I was in law school I visited a friend who was going to medical school.  I was thumbing through one of his textbooks and noticed in the index the term “Stafne Defect”.  Well, of course, I immediately turned to the pages which described said defect.

My great uncle, Edward Stafne, was a renowned oral surgeon.  He gave both memorial addresses for each of the Mayo brothers, who founded Minnesota’s famed Mayo clinic.

When I was 27, after I first to moved to Seattle, a group of relatives got together.  Uncle Edward was there.  I remember he was talking about what it was like to get old.  He was in his eighties then.  What bothered him most was the lost of his memory.  He complained that throughout his life he had an exceptional memory, which was now failing him.

Days later, I wrote the following poem:

My uncle now old,

memory fading–

conscious of its fleeing –

looks hard into my face

and calls my name,

syllables pour

from his mouth,

but i feel only his hand

on my arm gently holding me,

Rubbing lightly

over my arm

feeling his youth that has fled.

The touch is comforting

and lonely too.

I know that I’ll go

through it too.

Its life that he seeks to really touch

and that’s what I do with you.


There it is.  I admit it.  There is a Stafne defect.  And while I’ve taken a short break from brief writing, I’d like to share another poem I wrote when I was younger which sums up my feeling about how I feel about my country and those leaders who have stolen it form us — for now…


in our town square there is a statue

of some general riding a horse;

both are carved from iron.

i love the horse

and hate the general.

sometimes i think i would be

the most content man in the world

if i could be that iron general riding that iron horse.

i want to kíll the general–

but he is not alive.

i hate him.

i want to blow him up.

but he is one with the horse.

They are one thing.

How can this be?

I cannot destroy him alone.

What should i do?


Yes, that is the question.  What should we do now that our government is not one which is by, for, and of the people?  It is a question to be pondered.

Will you stand with the people of America in demanding a stop to the government corruption that has handed our nation on a silver platter to the banks and those which control them?



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Mr. Stafne is very experienced in property rights, including banking wrongs and foreclosure prevention; Constitutional Law (under the United States and Washington State Constitution); Appellate law; land use law; personal injury law. Scott has recently become a media focal point as his win record of foreclosure defense cases against the largest financial institutions, servicers, trustees as well as MERS have blazed the trail toward ending the foreclosure crisis and representing the rights of the homeowner above the profits and secret dealings of corporations.   Scott sees law as a foundation for establishing a system of twenty first century liberties for the people; and for removing that corruption of power within our government which makes the achievement of real purpose beholden to only money.   Scott Stafne has been an attorney since graduating from the University of Iowa in 1974. He worked for a large law firm in Indianapolis (Baker & Daniels) for two years. Thereafter, he moved to Seattle Washington in order to obtain a Masters of Law degree from the University of Washington, which he obtained in 1977. Scott practiced law while going to graduate school and has practiced ever since.   This is a personal blog, and does not constitute legal advice in any form, and is not necessarily reflective of the policies or opinions of Stafne Law Firm. Visit the Law Firm: Visit the Google+ Page: Visit the Facebook Page:   *Web Developer: David J. Posel
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