I’m sitting at an airport in Dallas.  I have thirty minutes to kill before boarding begins.  I want to get back to writing my blog.  I hope to finish up at least one installment of my blog on my flight back to Seattle.

I’m in the air now.  I just finished watching the Avengers.  Dottie is at my feet.  Her soft travel crate is open.  She could step out if she wanted to.

This is the first time we have travelled together in a bulkhead seat.  The crew told me to take her out of the crate for take-off since there was no seat in front of me to put her crate under.   She liked being out of the crate, standing on my lap, taking everything in.   I saw the flight attendants pointing at her during takeoff.

“What breed is she” one of the flight attendant asked as she brought me a bottle of water.  “I think she is a Jack Russell rat terrier mix.  But her papers say Jack Russell”.  We smile.  People seem to fall in love with Dottie.  And it is my impression Dottie makes people friendlier toward me.  (I probably should have dragged her along to all those judicial candidate forums.   I probably could have gotten a few thousand more votes.  Maybe not.)

Anyway here I am on an Alaska Airline flight travelling from Dallas back to Seattle after taking care of some personal issues in NYC and Dallas.

I am 4 days late getting back to work.  I sense my office staff is not particularly happy about my leaving after devoting so much time to campaigning.  But sometimes personal matters must come first, even though we know we must continue to work against injustice.

Especially now, as our leaders readily sacrifice the safety and happiness of most human beings to preserving and protecting the assets of banks and other elites, we must be continually vigilant in the social wars that are being waged in our declining empire.

I rented the Hunger Games, a movie, in my Dallas hotel room for $19.95 on Friday night.  I’m sure many of you have already seen this movie, but for those of you who have not the Hunger Games has an interesting plot and lesson.

The movie’s opening scenes show a technically advanced country, like ours.  Several decades before the country had a civil war in which certain “districts” rebelled.  The rebellion was quashed and every year thereafter each of the rebelling Districts was required to offer up a male and female teenager to participate in that years Hunger Game.  The object of the game was for the teenagers to kill off each other until only one, “the winner”, was left.

The games proceed and teenagers die until only two are left.  The rulers command that there can only be one winner.  But the remaining teenagers chose not to play the rulers’ game; deciding to both die instead.

Finding the lack of a winner inconsistent with the game, the masters change the game’s rules so that both teenagers can live.

I see the games banks are playing with our lives as being similar to that which the movie chronicles.   I think we should stop playing our lives by the rules bankers impose on us; and live by the rules which are imposed on bankers, government officials, and elites by Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General.

If we want to get rid of banks we need to starve them of their drug of choice:  money.

The first rule we should follow is not to pay a bill sent to us by a bank unless it can prove to us that the bank actually owns the debt.  Did you know that most banks billing you for second mortgage helocs do not own the debt they are seeking to collect from you?  Attorneys specializing in representing debtors with regard to this type of credit card debt tell me that such debts can usually be settled for less than 40 cents on the dollar.

So why do people pay banks money banks are not owed?  People pay these bills because of another game created by the banks: a game called “credit ratings”.

People are scared of losing their credit rating because then banks and others will not loan them money or rent them a house or let them buy affordable insurance.  But who are these credit raters?  They are the same banks that are sending us bogus bills.

It used to be in our country that courts would decide disputes.  Not so much anymore.

The banks have set up their own little system where they can impose credit restrictions on you if you don’t pay them money you don’t owe.  This is unacceptable.

The only way to stop playing their credit game is simply to do what the banks would do if they were asked to play such a game.  They would ignore the rules.

Be brave.  Urge others to be brave.  Don’t pay bills when you are not sure who owns the debt.  Urge your friends to also not pay bills to banks or any creditor who cannot prove to you that they currently own the debt they are attempting to collect upon.

The reason this is important is because banks often sell debt they originally own to others.  So they no longer have any right to collect it from you.  And my bet is that if the bank collects money from you that bank is not paying it to the true owner of the debt.

The more of us who are willing to stand up to the hunger games which go on in our world the more likely the arbitrary and capricious credit ratings, which are all too often used to force payment of illegal debt, will be seen for what they are.  Bogus.

The purpose of banks used to be lending money.  Now the banks own homes and rent them out to the same people that used to own the homes.  This is evil.

Let’s be clear.  Banks are enemies of the people.


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