I remember snippets from college.

When I was in college I learned whole text books of histories, philosophies, religions, and languages. (I was not much good at languages, however.)

While I don’t remember everything crammed into my young brain back then, there is a core of knowledge that I access in synopsis now.  These snippets of knowledge serve me.

Today is Sunday.

I remember when I was a sophomore at DePauw I took a theology class.  Some snippets that I recall are the Roman Centurion who wanted to believe praying for faith and being blessed.  I remember Christ’s command to render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and unto God that which belongs to God.

Dad had talked about this command.  He said that in comparison, very little is owed to Caesar.

I am still a neophyte when it comes to understanding the Bible and turning that part of my life, which does not belong to Caesar, over to Christ.

I am studying how the Bible talks about judges.  I am also learning about how other religions and societies bestow those privileges and duties which come with judging.

Here is some interesting reading regarding this topic:

Please do not misunderstand my spiritual search for guidance in the performance of the job of judging.  It does not mean that I will waiver in applying existing law to existing fact as I was taught to do in school and my career.

I have promised to perform this very task – apply existing law to existing facts –  if elected as a Justice of The Washington Supreme Court.  I have also promised to work to initiate procedures to make our court system work better for the people and our common law more predictable.

We will talk more about this tomorrow when we discuss last week’s unpublished decisions by Washington’s three divisions of the Court of Appeals.

For basic information about Washington’s Court of Appeals, see

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