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By Scott Stafne, Candidate for Washington Attorney General

The leaders of the Democratic Party do not understand why the people of this nation find them repugnant.

And by “the people,” I include within that term millions of members of the Democratic Party, whose views the people who control that political party refuse to respect in order to maintain their own political power. Indeed, when the Berniecrats sued the party for acting unfair, the Party’s response was “we don’t have to be fair” because we control the Democratic Party.  

This arrogance is not new. Mingled with these party leaders’ contempt of the people in recent times is a historic dishonesty that reveals why those who lead the Democratic Party cannot be trusted. 

It was the Democrat Party that fought for slavery against the Republican Party. 

Even after the Civil War confirmed the will and commitment of this nation’s people to a free republic, it was the Democratic Party that pushed through Jim Crow laws to prevent the will of the people in favor of liberty for all from being carried out.

There are basic principles that most of us as Americans still believe in. And they start with Justice. The fundamental purpose of government is to provide justice for the people. Justice for All. Not just those who can afford it.

The second principle is “representation.” We, the people — not just people with money — need to be adequately represented by those who are accountable to us in a meaningful manner.

The Democrats talk about our “democracy” as if they just discovered we have one

We don’t have a democracy. 

We have a Democratic Republic, in which representatives and senators are supposed to represent their constituents, but more often represent those who fund their elections.  

We are today further away from being a democracy than we ever have been. When this nation began we had one Congressman for every thirty thousand people. Now we have one representative for approximately every 700,000 people. 

Yet Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi deceptively extol the virtues of “our” democracy — A democracy which does not and was never intended to exist. 

The only way democratic virtues can be improved is by ensuring they equate to adequate representation of the people, not simply catering to those with money.

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About Scott . Stafne

Mr. Stafne is very experienced in property rights, including banking wrongs and foreclosure prevention; Constitutional Law (under the United States and Washington State Constitution); Appellate law; land use law; personal injury law. Scott has recently become a media focal point as his win record of foreclosure defense cases against the largest financial institutions, servicers, trustees as well as MERS have blazed the trail toward ending the foreclosure crisis and representing the rights of the homeowner above the profits and secret dealings of corporations.   Scott sees law as a foundation for establishing a system of twenty first century liberties for the people; and for removing that corruption of power within our government which makes the achievement of real purpose beholden to only money.   Scott Stafne has been an attorney since graduating from the University of Iowa in 1974. He worked for a large law firm in Indianapolis (Baker & Daniels) for two years. Thereafter, he moved to Seattle Washington in order to obtain a Masters of Law degree from the University of Washington, which he obtained in 1977. Scott practiced law while going to graduate school and has practiced ever since.   This is a personal blog, and does not constitute legal advice in any form, and is not necessarily reflective of the policies or opinions of Stafne Law Firm. Visit the Law Firm: https://stafnelaw.com Visit the Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/+ScottStafne Visit the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/scott.stafne.75   *Web Developer: David J. Posel
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