Representatives Should Serve Their Constituents.

I have a dream that Representatives will serve their constituents, not lobbyists.


Washington's Congressional Districts

Washington’s Congressional Districts

I am running for representative in Congressional District 1 of Washington State.

Our founders intended representatives would serve the people, i.e. constituents, who live in their districts. It is difficult to do this in the United States in the 21st century. This is because in order to get elected representatives must generally look beyond their constituents in order to obtain enough money to get voters in their district to elect them.

This causes representatives to be beholden to those who gave them the money to get elected, rather than they constituents they are obligated to serve.

I believe this cycle must stop if we want to create a fair and just society. Therefore, I am not seeking any campaign contributions whatsoever.

I have a record of conduct and writings since childhood which reflects my beliefs and thought processes throughout my life. I urge you to review who I am and what I stand for so you can determine for yourselves whether I would appropriately represent you, your families, and the communities in Washington’s Congressional district one.

I have included links to sites where you can obtain information about me and my beliefs at the end of this article.

But these links are not intended to tell you how I will vote on issues. If you elect me as your Congressional Representative I will seek out my constituents views on issues and do the best I can to reflect them in Congress. The one exception to this would be where it is clear to me that popular will would require me to take a stand in violation of my oath to uphold the Constitution.

We have come to a time where money determines everything. All politics, businesses, professions, and lives are required to tilt toward money as if it were the sun of our existence.

I want to participate in a concerted effort by moral minded people to end the unquenchable greed of those who govern us.

I may not get elected.

But that is okay because I believe living this dream and walking this walk may be more important in the long-run. Time will tell.

Representatives should serve their constituents, not lobbyists.



You can peruse my lifetime at your convenience at the following links, which will be increased as the campaign continues:




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