July 25, 2012 – DOTTIE WAS GONE


I came back to my office about midnight to pick up Dottie.  She was gone.

 I called one of the attorneys who was at the office when I left to go to the Columbia Tower Club.  I woke her up.  She grumbled one of the ladies at the Fogdog Gallery had taken Dottie.

I knew it had to be Ellen.  I was happy Dottie had not been lost.  Dottie doesn’t take to everyone, but she definitely likes Ellen.  So now that I know where Dottie is, I will tell you about my day going backwards.

Its now 3 minutes to midnight.  July 25 is ending.  Before I left Seattle for Arlington I was with my brother Todd, Mayumi, Jerry, and a Japanese friend of Mayumi, who is visiting from Tokyo and has a Japanese name I don’t presently recall.

Mayumi is one of my favorite people in the world.  I think we all know someone like her.  As soon as I see her, my mood brightens.  We hug, moving side to side and laughing.

Mayumi cooked a King (Chinook) Salmon, which is the species of salmon I like the most.

The conversation at dinner was so good, I stayed much longer than I intended.

Jerry is a business man who works in the high tech industry.  We discussed many topics, but one of the most interesting involved the amount of data which could be electronically stored about every individual in the United States.

Of course, this can be very beneficial.  One application we discussed was a chip which stored each person’s medical records.  A person could carry this data with him.  It would also be immediately available to care givers.

The data mined would allow the government and businesses to track, monitor, and analyse people and their habits.

Someone noted the progression of this type of technology might have prevented the Colorado killings by allowing officials to predict what happened.

Someone else questioned whether this would be a good thing if it resulted in a total lack of privacy; where all of our future actions became statistically predictable.  The government could stop us before we did anything wrong or anti-social.

Hmmm….  Where do you draw the line?

Before I went to eat I was at the Columbia Tower Club sitting at the College Club table scarfing down barbecue wings and drinking water.  My campaign manager Virginia, and her mom, Betty, were with me.  AJ and his kids were also there.

AJ’s boy is going to Augustana Collage in Rock Island, Illinois.  Rock Island is right across the Mississippi River from Bettendorf, Iowa, the town where I grew up.  He just completed his officers training program.  He was looking forward to completing college and then serving his country.  He was polite and looked strong.

Another young person had already mailed her ballot; but did not vote for any of the judicial candidates because she knew nothing about them.  She apologized to me for doing so.  I said it was “cool”, but reminded her of the importance of the judiciary.  Remember, it is the the judicial department which declares what the law means even if it is not what the legislature and Governor intended.

It is important we all vote for judges.  But the way our political process works is to hide judicial candidates from the public.  I have come to think this is by design.  Read the newspaper editorials and articles about the campaign for position 2.  They all say I am not campaigning.  Then read my blog.  There is no truth in what they are saying.

I could hear Virginia and her mother in the background talking me up.  I was gratful to both for their time and effort.  They care!!

Then an older man, about my age, took the seat across from me.  He did not ask any questions about the campaign, but described his experiences with lawyers.  He was a developer by trade, but had officed with lawyers who had delayed other persons’ development projects.  He indicated that he had no problems with these lawyers.

I told him I had represented developers  in the past.  I told him about my own experiences with my land on the mountain.

Before driving to Seattle I was in Arlington practicing law with my colleagues at the Stafne Law Firm.

Before that I woke up in my bed at my home on the mountain.  On my way to work I planned to write a blog called “Robes”.  I never got to do that because the day was gone when I got back to the office and found Dottie missing.

It looks like it will be a “pod” night at the office.

Bless the people and good night.  It is ten to 1:00 am on July 26, 2012.


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