Stafne Challenges whether DelBene is a good Congressional Representative

Stafne challenges whether DelBene is a good representative when she won’t support Bernie

4 27 2016 zoo

The democratic party has put its Congressional representatives in an untenable, but familiar position by anointing them “super-delegates” but then requiring them to support Hillary regardless of the fact that Bernie is clearly the better candidate. Obviously, the democratic party has long since forgotten that under the United States Comstitution the role of a “representative” is to represent the people, not the democratic party.

The dictionary defines “representative” to mean: ” having people who are chosen in elections to act or speak for or in support of the people who voted for them.”

My opponent for Congress in District 1, incumbent Suzane DelBene said on her 2014 campaign web page that she wants to lead people. Specifically she writes:

We need a leader who understands the power of innovation and who has the experience and determination to get things done in Washington, D.C. We need a leader who values creative and lasting solutions over empty partisanship. We need someone committed to the Democratic principles of honesty, integrity, equality of opportunity, and fair play. We need someone who will never lose sight of our shared commitment to the common good, but who also knows how to reach out across political divides to bring together diverse and competing interests to create progress.

Given her steadfast refusal to support Bernie notwithstanding that he is the presidential candidate her constituents prefer one must wonder if she is content with the job she sought. DelBene is clearly not representing the people who elected her when she refuses to follow their lead and endorse Bernie, the clear favorite of her constituents. Nor can it reasonably be asserted that by rebuffing the will of the voters in her own district she is acting as a leader following “principles of of honesty, integrity, equality of opportunity, and fair play.”

Indeed, she seems pandering to the party elite and its 1% constituency who don’t give a damn what the people want.

But maybe she will come to her senses soon and exercise that responsibility she has been given to represent the people.

Certainly, I hope DelBene attempts to make amends to constituency because we, the people, need to see that the people we elect actually have some interest in actually representing our interests. Hopefully, she leaves her Medina home and Capital Hill office enough to understand what her democratic constituents want her to do.

If she doesn’t get out much, then maybe she will get a chance to read this blog.

So my name is Scott Stafne and I want to represent the people and interests of the people in the first Congressional District in relaese announcing my candadicy as a Libertarian candidate. As you can see from this press release written by Pam Miller, I’ve given up on the two party system. I’m not saying you should. But you might watch and see what DelBane does as a super-delegate. Will she side with the party machine or follow the will of her constituents.

So hears a recent press release which explain what I’m about and why I am running for Congress.

Press Release dated March 20, 2016


Prominent local defense attorney Scott Stafne announces candidacy for US Representative Washington State Congressional District 1

Arlington, WA May 20, 2016:  Prominent local defense attorney Scott Stafne today filed for candidacy, running for US Representative, Washington State District 1 as a Libertarian.  He will be challenging the incumbent Suzan DelBene who has held this seat since November 2012.

Stafne believes that the time has come for a change in our “mono- party” system.   “When our country was founded capitalism provided an adequate mechanism for most people to accumulate sufficient economic resources to enable them to exercise their personal liberties. Today, crony capitalism promoted by the republican and democratic parties has created such disparity of wealth that only a few have access to those fundamental freedoms our forefathers took for granted.”

When asked why he was running on the Libertarian ticket Stafne stated “I cannot continue to support the two party system which has created the greatest system of injustice the world has ever seen. No longer do we engage in debate over entitlement programs; we simply evict our vulnerable and let them die unknown on our streets.  There are several other parties I could have joined, however I picked the Libertarian Party because I believe it is the best organized to upset the mono-parties (i.e. Republican and Democrat),  and because of its emphasis of “liberty” because I still believe that is key to the purpose of government.”

“I believe the time has come that we, as a people, must make a choice between the crony capitalism economic system and the actual liberties our creators intended we have, and that is why I have chosen to run for office.”

For more information on Scott Stafne you can visit his campaign Facebook Page (Stafne For Congress).

Stafne challenges DelBene whether DelBane is good representative when she won’t support Bernie

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About Scott . Stafne

Mr. Stafne is very experienced in property rights, including banking wrongs and foreclosure prevention; Constitutional Law (under the United States and Washington State Constitution); Appellate law; land use law; personal injury law. Scott has recently become a media focal point as his win record of foreclosure defense cases against the largest financial institutions, servicers, trustees as well as MERS have blazed the trail toward ending the foreclosure crisis and representing the rights of the homeowner above the profits and secret dealings of corporations.   Scott sees law as a foundation for establishing a system of twenty first century liberties for the people; and for removing that corruption of power within our government which makes the achievement of real purpose beholden to only money.   Scott Stafne has been an attorney since graduating from the University of Iowa in 1974. He worked for a large law firm in Indianapolis (Baker & Daniels) for two years. Thereafter, he moved to Seattle Washington in order to obtain a Masters of Law degree from the University of Washington, which he obtained in 1977. Scott practiced law while going to graduate school and has practiced ever since.   This is a personal blog, and does not constitute legal advice in any form, and is not necessarily reflective of the policies or opinions of Stafne Law Firm. Visit the Law Firm: Visit the Google+ Page: Visit the Facebook Page:   *Web Developer: David J. Posel
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