Justice & Representation

WE NEED JUSTICE AND REPRESENTATION By Scott Stafne, Candidate for Washington Attorney General The leaders of the Democratic Party do not understand why the people of this nation find them repugnant. And by “the people,” I include within that term millions of members of the Democratic Party, whose views the people who control that political party refuse to respect in order to maintain their own political power. Indeed, when the Berniecrats sued the party for acting unfair, the Party’s response was “we don’t have to be fair” because we control the Democratic Party.   This arrogance is not new. Mingled with these party leaders’ contempt of the people in recent times is a historic dishonesty that reveals why those who lead the Democratic Party cannot be trusted.  It was the Democrat Party that fought for slavery against the Republican Party.  Even after the Civil War confirmed the will and commitment of this nation’s people to a free republic, it was the Democratic Party that pushed through Jim Crow laws to prevent the will of the people in favor of liberty for all from being carried out. There are basic principles that most of us as Americans still believe in. And they start with Justice. The fundamental purpose of government is to provide justice for the people. Justice for All. Not just those who can afford it. The second principle is “representation.” We, the people — not just people with money — need to be adequately represented by those who are accountable … Continue Reading