It Isn’t Supposed to be This Way

It Isn’t Supposed to be This Way By Scott Stafne   Frank (aka Frankie) Schnarrs, a client and friend, died at the hands of Thurston County officials yesterday evening. Particularly its Prosecutor Jon Tunheim, its Auditor Mary Hall, and Superior Court Judges Murphy and Lanese. State officials Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson failed my friend, and the people of Washington, by not ensuring Thurston County officials complied with their duties under state law. These public officials refused to comply with the Torrens Act, which was passed in 1907, to protect landowners in Washington from money lenders and debt buyers who attempted to steal land based on fraudulent documents, secret liens, and hidden equities. I have written often on this subject recently because these officials have knowingly refused to comply with the law. I have provided links to some of those writings below in the bibliography section. It is difficult to get Frankie out of my mind. And it is impossible to control my feelings that jerk from sadness, to horror, to fury, to a painful nothingness of a person who has watched the values he’s spent a lifetime trying to preserve, dissolve into an evil darkness that makes sleep unattainable. Scholars debate whether Alexander Hamilton or James Madison first wrote the following text; However, no matter which man wrote these words there is little doubt they set forth a basic premise this once great Republic was founded upon: Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and … Continue Reading