Thanks, but no thanks.

Thanks, but no thanks. Mainstream Media Endorsements are a Game I don’t want to play. My campaign received an email from the Seattle Times. It states: Hello, The Seattle Times editorial board has set aside Wednesday, June 29th, from 1:00 – 1:45 PM, to interview candidates for U.S. Representative, Congressional District 1.  The interview will be held at The Seattle Times offices, 1000 Denny Way, Seattle, WA  98109. Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible! We’ll have all candidates for this position in simultaneously to meet with members of the board, and the format will be Q&A.  I’ll send a reminder of the meeting the week prior, and include logistical information on visitor parking. I appreciate your flexibility — please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’ve got any questions or concerns. -Monica Monica G. Hinckley Administrative Assistant | Opinion I read the email twice and talked with several people about it. I have a busy schedule representing homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes. My office is in Arlington, Washington. It would likely take an hour or more each way to get to and back from the interview, which was only scheduled to last for 45 minutes… less than 15 minutes per candidate. “Hmmmm” I thought. “Doesn’t sound like they want to get to know much about any of the candidates.” I should also disclose my experience with the Seattle Times has not been good throughout the years. When I represented fishermen in the 1970s after the expansion of our nation’s exclusive economic … Continue Reading

Why Congress?

Why Congress? Someone asked me: “Why aren’t you running to be  judge? Why are you running for Congress?” I answered: “Because unless Congress does its job the system of checks and balances set up in our Constitution does not work. Congress is the branch of government which is supposed to oversee how all the branches of government are working.” She raised an eyebrow. “What are you saying, Scott?” I looked back at her and asked: “Did you know the legislative branch of government was supposed to be the eyes and ears of the people?” She answered: “No. I thought Congress was supposed to enact laws.” “Yes, enacting laws is one of Congress’ purposes. But an equally important role is to oversee, and where necessary impeach, officials in the other branches of government who are abusing their powers.” She thought about what I said. “Please tell me more.” “A good example, would be oversight of the judicial department. Many believe that we need judicial reform because our courts aren’t working for the people.” Now she was quiet. I could tell she was listening. “Federal courts jurisdiction in most circumstances to decide cases is determined by statute. This means that Congress can and should be playing a much greater role in making sure that the check and balances in our system work. Congress does not, and should not abdicate, all of its authority to the Court to determine how that branch of government functions. A self-regulated judicial department gives judges way more authority than … Continue Reading


WEED AND SEED Two friends and I share a community garden. Gary Lennon does the lion’s share of the work. Gary wrote this. I am publishing it because it also is a great observation about life and politics. Gary writes: I’m into flowers and I’m not going to apologize.   In terms of propagation, there are always lots of volunteer re-starts. The editorial choice comes in the weeding out – I love little purple johnny jump-up in the strawberry bed, and when I’m weeding, I leave them in the ground. Ditto on the forget-me-nots – who wants their garden forgotten? If nasturtiums come back, I’ll transplant them to just where I want them. Every year, they come back. Purple potatoes shot through with orange nasturtiums define the look of our little hillside Eden. I left tall stands of Russian blue kale standing to go to seed. These kales have contributed to many a meal. Next year the upper bed will be full of seedings in the spring, and I will transplant and thin them, as I did with these giants three years ago. Notice the leek blooms – I saved a quarter row to flower (the blossoms are wonderful) so I could collect their seeds. Little dinosaur kale is from last fall – it wintered over and now will grow huge for fall. This is me (Scott) again. Here is a link to video series I have done on “Gardening and Government” which shares my thoughts about how government could be … Continue Reading


DOES TRUMP’S CRITICISM OF FEDERAL JUDGE HAVE MERIT? Yes, I know Trump has the guts to say what most of us are feeling about the empire. He puts on his baseball cap and rants. Trump tells the world he is tired of the corruption, including judicial corruption!!! And those of us who also feel abused by a government that caters only to the 1% cheer him on. Some of us may even vote for him. I get it!!!. Indeed, I would vote for Trump over Hillary. But I wouldn’t vote for Trump over anybody else … And here is why: Trump is a bully. When something happens he doesn’t like, his first reaction is to shoot his mouth off. And this works well for him now because he challenges an empire most of us have come to fear and despise. And the fact Trump voices our frustration is cool except when Trump’s rants have no logical nexus to that which he is complaining about and therefore make an important issue look less important than it really is. I wouldn’t be blogging about Trump’s criticism of a federal judge with a Mexican heritage except for the fact that it appears so off base as to disparage the legitimate criticism of our justice system and its courts which is currently ongoing throughout the land. This is an issue which needs to be discussed and not simply dismissed because of Trump’s rant. Hillary used the comment to denounce Trump as a bigot (which is something most of … Continue Reading