Marie McDonnell Speaks About Seattle Audit

Marie McDonnell speaks about Seattle’s Audit of King County land records and land records recording system on Hamilton Radio’s program Taking Back our Country, which aired yesterday. In her first radio interview following a hearing by the City of Seattle discussing her report, “City of Seattle Review of Mortgage Documents,” McDonnell discusses the history of land records, the concept of legal “title”, and the absolute necessity to preserve the integrity of such land records. McDonnell explains the basics, i.e. You can’t sell what you don’t have. It is only by evaluating the chain of title, which is supposed to be reflected in the public land records, that we can be assured that the entity purporting to be selling or taking real property has the right to do so. After demonstrating her unassailable expertise with regard to land records, and the purposes for them, McDonnell discusses her contract with the City of Seattle to review mortgage documents, the City’s attempts to influence the audit, and then to not have it released at all. Towards the end of the interview we learn that the City of Seattle after receiving several public disclosure requests to obtain the audit abruptly announced that it would hold a hearing on the Audit during the time the President of China was visiting and without asking McDonnell to attend to explain her conclusions. This, of course, was a slap in the face to Seattle taxpayers because the contract with McDonnell Analytics contemplated Marie McDonnell would present and explain her report to the Seattle … Continue Reading

Isn’t it funny (not “Ha, ha”, but wierd) how Seattle’s audio system goes dead when things get interesting? September 28, 2015

Just when the President of China visited Seattle and the Pope arrived in America the city of Seattle decided, at the last minute, to hold a hearing on Marie McDonnell’s  long delay report entitled “City of Seattle Review of Mortgage Documents”, which the City paid McDonnell tax-payer funds to prepare.  Seems to me the City didn’t want news regarding the study reported in the media. What do you think? You can watch the hearing discussing the audit by clicking here. Strange how its goes dead when a city auditor starts making mistakes. Tonight, Monday September 28, 2015, Kathleen McCarthy and I will talk about this on our show “Taking Back Our Country” on Hamilton Radio at 10:00 pm EST, 9:00 pm CST, 8:00 pm RMST, 7:00 pm PST and 1:00 pm HST. Tonight’s guest will be Marie McDonnell and the subject will be Seattle’s belatedly released “City of Seattle Review of Mortgage Documents”. The topics of our radio discussion will include: 1.) The Principles of Land Title, i.e. Chain of Title 2.) How MERS affects Chain of Title and destroys the integrity of Washington’s land title system 3.) Marie McDonnell’s experience with regard to auditing Seattle Land Records 4.) The reasons for Seattle’s delay in releasing Marie’s report until the day the President of China was scheduled to monopolize the new. 5.) What happened at the public hearing. You can watch most of the hearing (except those part the City apparently does not want you to hear, by clicking here.) 6.) … Continue Reading


Those who despair of Citizens United release of unlimited moneys into our political system should also consider the impact money has on the Judicial Department. The Judicial Department was originally designed to perpetuate the exercise of judicial power by way of a trial before two types of constitutional officers: judges and juries. Seeking to take control control of the judicial branch of government judges rationalized away the the role of juries. Next they disparaged the role of trials; arguing that a trial indicated a failure of judges to adequately incentivize settlements. Now we appear to have devolved into the era of judicial “monarchy”, where judges do pretty much what they want. The degeneration of the american empire’s legal system has been accompanied by litigation models which rely on the disparity of resources between the parties (not the facts or law of any specific case) as the primary basis for resolving cases. It is my observation that the “Scorched Earth” litigation model, named after General Sherman’s infamous military campaign, is used in virtually 100% of all foreclosure litigation. This model is based on the business premise that banks and servicers should spend whatever money is necessary to win so as to deter homeowners (and any potential lawyers who might be inclined to represent them) from challenging any foreclosure judicially. I have personally seen this multi-billion dollar industry spend more in litigation costs than the worth of the houses they are foreclosing on. I have been told by servicers’ lawyers that their … Continue Reading

Legal Advocacy: All the Money in the World Cannot Water a Garden

On Gardening & Government, Part 5 The effort in knowing all the legal advocacy options can be greatly enhanced when you get front line insight from a seasoned foreclosure defense and family law attorney. Scott Stafne is a long time lawyer for the people who is in tune with gardening and the natural laws that support good government. Learn the difference between justice and paid advocacy, and what really happens in today’s court system from the experience and perspectives of Scott Stafne.