“Evil cannot be made into good. It is time to end the two party political system”, June 18, 2015

So I was on facebook this morning and I shared this picture. An apparently well intentioned member of the democratic party posted the following comment: “Better STOP hating and start being POSITIVE. Saying that neither the Demo nor the GOP can do anything for you, you are setting yourself to FAIL!!! Starting over from scratch is a lot harder than working from within!!!!” I responded: “David, I appreciate your comments. But I have heard them many times before in the 66 years of my existence. Wisdom instructs that working within the system for change has not worked. Continually voting for the lesser of two evils will always result in more evil.You may not appreciate this until you have observed the growth of evil over the course of a lifetime. I am now convinced we, the people, must with a devout and spiritual intention take back the reins of sovereignty from a system which exercises it only to benefit the 1%. We must weed both the Republican and Democratic parties from the garden of government so that we can nourish leaders who share goals of the people; not the goals of an out of hand empire which already has 6 1/2 times the military might of the rest rest of the world combined and still wants to spend virtually all of the people’s money on building a bigger and better war machine (rather than feeding and educating its people). David, my motivation is not hate (although I do feel anger and … Continue Reading

The Agenda 31 radio show and Arlington, Washington’s “RAIN OR SHINE CLASSIC CAR SHOW”, June 13, 2015

I drove to my office pretty early for a Saturday morning to do the Agenda 31 radio program from a comcast-internet connection, rather than the slower satellite connection at my home. It was not yet 8:00 am when I noticed I was following a 1957 Chevy Bel air into town. It turned left onto Olympic Avenue North, the main drag in Arlington, Washington. As I went to follow I noticed the barricade and sign that announced Arlington’s “Rain or Shine” classic car show. So instead of turning left I followed the roundabout to make a circle and turned right at the top. I travelled four blocks and turned right again, parking across the street from my office on Third Street. As I walked toward the Stafne Trumbull law firm and Olympic Avenue I recognised the excitement that frames the annual car show. People had set up chairs on the sidewalk outside our office and down the street so they could observe what was going on. I didn’t take much time to observe the event then as I wanted to some legal research about the “Guarantee Clause” before the show started. I enjoyed talking with Todd and Corey, the hosts of the Agenda 31 show. We talked about a wide range of topics. What I discovered from talking to these two articulate gentlemen, one in Davenport, Iowa and the other in Los Angeles, California, is just how deep the frustration is with America’s justice system. These well educated and prominent members … Continue Reading


This is a redo of my last blog.  The reason I am re-writing it is because the link at the bottom is an order from the United States Bankruptcy Court or the District Of Maryland (Baltimore Division) approving SPS purchase of the servicing rights I flew to Salt Lake City to take the deposition of the only witness Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) intends to call at trial in an upcoming judicial foreclosure case in King County, Washington.  The witness did not seem to know much about the facts.  For example, the SPS witness (a lawyer) did not know SPS had purchased the “servicing rights” for my clients alleged “home loan” from a bankruptcy trustee for .077 of the unpaid principal plus all accounts receivable owe the note holder.  That’s right the witness did not know SPS bought the servicing rights for less than a penny on the dollar or the terms regarding that purchase agreement.  I have attached a link to the document below.  Pay particular attention to paragraph 3.01 at page 5 of the agreement. If SPS, allegedly suing on behalf of the trust  and its certificate holders, wins the case against this borrower the trust and the certificate holders likely will get little, if anything, out of the lawsuit.  SPS will have paid less than $15,000 in order to go after a once middle class American to collect a $1,500,000 + “judicial jackpot”.  SPS’ low cost stake in pursuing this once middle class citizen, and others like him, … Continue Reading

Continuing Legal Education Seminar about the Roots of Law. June 1, 2015

I went to an interesting “continuing legal education” seminar in Olympia, Washington a little more than two weeks ago. It was produced by “The Scrivener’s Quill, A Center for Lawyers and Literature”. It was called “Olympia and the Social Contract“. Michigan lawyer, Travis Marker, ably guided the attendees’ consideration and discussion about the “social compact” between a government and its citizens. I chose this particular seminar because after 66 years of life experience, most of which has been spent practicing law, I have doubts as to whether our government is sufficiently performing its part of the social compact to mandate my allegiance. The question is an important one to me as a lawyer because I have competing professional obligations to the sovereign; which means “the people”. Certainly, many benefits flow from a just society that attempts to preserve the rights of all through the creation of a social compact with its government. But just as surely the social compact which is intended to promote a just society is violated by a government, which claiming to act for all the people, acts for only the benefit of a few to the detriment of the many. The Scrivener’s Quill seminar reminded me that under the social compact theory of governance upon which our Constitution is based: the people are sovereign. The people only delegate their sovereignty to a government for the purposes of protecting each man’s natural rights. During the seminar Marker and the attendees discussed the writings of Rousseau, Hobbes, Mills, … Continue Reading