Not Yet a Lifetime… February 26, 2015

For years I’ve had this picture of me wedged in between two bluestones of stonehenge hanging in the pantry above the freezer across from shelves stacked with food and boxes of clutter accumulated throughout my lifetime. The picture would have stayed there, but for a conversation with a younger friend which wandered on to the topic of Stonehenge, which we each had visited; albeit decades apart. He wasn’t even born when I crawled up the rocks… By the time Brian got there, the stones were roped off. I guess nowadays people don’t even get close enough to touch the stones. How fast the world has changed! How quickly our spirits fly through this realm of consciousness! I remember back to the fifties and fishing with my Dad and brother. The fish were bigger then and much more numerous. And when my father was a boy in Minnesota very few species of fish and animals were endangered. But progress takes its toll. So back to the photograph. I took the picture out of the pantry to Michaels art supply to have it reframed. It is now hung in my office POD. The POD is where I sleep when “all-nighters” are required to get our briefs written, filed, and served. Back in the years when the picture was taken my “all nighters” involved sleepless nights of study or party; depending on the circumstances of the day. I can’t nor do I want to forsake my sleep anymore. I never thought then that I would … Continue Reading

LEGISLATIVE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON: THEN AND NOW, The Story of Democrat Steve Hobbs… February 15, 2015

This is an article about Democrat Senator Steve Hobbs of Lake Stevens. If my blog makes you want to contact him, please do so. Here is his information. Hobbs, Steve (D) 239 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7686 Senator Hobbs is indebted to a rather slimeball special interest group. Nonjudicial trustees who make money when they can nonjudicially foreclose on homes. Senator Hobbs, a democrat, has sponsored Senate Bill 5968 which has been written by special interests is intended to undo what few protections the people of Washington have left against illegal foreclosures. His justification for doing so: to correct mistakes the legislature previously made to protect homeowners from his wealthy supporters unabashed greed. The bill will be considered in committee on Wednesday. This is a bill which should be killed now. Please contact Seantor Hobb and your own legislators to lead them no this bill is “bad news”!! But the story doesn’t begin with Senator Hobbs. It begins in 1889 when Washington’s Constitution was written. This article by Brian Snure, A FREQUENT RECURRENCE TO FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES: INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, FREE GOVERNMENT, AND THE WASHINGTON STATE CONSTITUTION helps me explain. It is worth reading and you can do so by touching the previous link. Snure’s article discusses the legislative corruption which gave rise to Washington’s Constitution and how our founders separated Washington’s government into one which contained structural checks on the legislature’s power to interfere with those rights the Supreme Ruler of the Universe gave every individual. Snure writes: I. THE HISTORICAL AND … Continue Reading


Washington Senate Bill 5968, a bill proposed by special interests to make it easier for them to take your home without any responsibility for wrongful foreclosure, is scheduled for hearing next Wednesday at 1:30 before the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee. Please attend. Unfortunately, it is all too likely this corrupt institution will give the banksters everything they want; notwithstanding our Constitution was intended to stop such special interest legislation. It is disheartening that such corruption flourishes in the state of Washington. Indeed, Washington’s Constitution was written so as to prohibit the Washington legislature from writing legislation to emasculate the superior courts’ subject matter jurisdiction in disputes involving the title and possession of land. Our constitution is written to protect individual rights from schemes like this by giving the superior courts enumerated, exclusive jurisdiction with regard to cases involving real property to the superior courts. But in one of the greatest mistakes ever made by Washington’s government, the court’s shirked off this responsibility; abdicating the protection of individual rights to the branch our founders always knew was the most corrupt. Washington’s citizens feared governmental tyranny, a tyranny they generally identified with the legislative branch. The settlers, who were primarily immigrants from other states, had extensive experience with and knowledge of legislative abuses.” In addition, Washington Territory itself experienced legislative abuses. In 1862-63, the legislature reportedly passed no general laws, but enacted more than 150 pieces of special legislation for the benefit of “private interests against the general welfare.” The … Continue Reading