You know that judge who just gave that slime-ball servicer your house? Or the one who decided what was best for your kids after never knowing them? Or the one who decided you don’t get a day in court? How qualified were they to be making those decisions? When citizens are forced to interact with their government it is most often through the judiciary. Yet it is my experience that most of us know relatively little about the people who have been elected to judge us and construe our laws. It is a fair question to ask whether the the judge that is going to preside, or has presided, over your case was well equipped by nature and temperment to do so? Because of Washington’s peculiar laws judges generally do not run in the general November elections where our Federal and State legislative and executive candidates compete for office. Most judgeships are decided in a primary election, where far fewer voters turn out and those that do are mainly partisans supporting one of the traditional political parties’ legislative or executive candidates. Significantly, most judgeships are decided in the August or September primary, rather than at the more well attended November election because if no one runs against the judge, the sitting judge is automatically elected. If a judge gets more than 50% of the vote that judge is also automatically elected. As you will see, this gives judges incredible job security at a time when many of us have none. … Continue Reading