I am thankful for those lies which illuminate the truth. I am grateful the evil which makes good evident. I am thankful for the age which makes sense of youth. I am grateful for those struggles, which reveal our purpose. I’m almost 66 years old now. I never truly contemplated the wisdom humans can acquire from age. A human grows from a single being, aware primarily of its own needs and wants, to a realization that we are a part of a greater whole, which also has it owns needs and aspires to a higher actualization. Too few of us understand that “aging” itself (much more than classrooms where young people  instruct other young people) is the actual mechanism by which God intends we learn our collective “purpose.” While money may be for the unenlightened few the purpose to which they aspire, far more of us know that money can not be a purpose of our planet or the universe for it is not produced by God. I am blessed by being able to work with people who teach me new things every day; who remind me of beliefs which I once was certain were true; who restore my belief that humankind can evolve into a greater consciousness that understand that consciousness is the very essence of life. My purpose now, at almost 66 years of age in 2014, is to explain why we should no longer base our world on the notion humankind cannot progress without money incentivizing evolution … Continue Reading


The Washington Supreme Court has held the legislature in “contempt” for not complying with its decision in McCleary v State ordering the legislature to provide “ample funding” for the common schools. Michelle Darnell, a mother of three and a candidate for the Washington Senate in District 48 (the Bellevue area) calls the wrangling between the Court and the Legislature with regard to this matter “insanity”. She is right. It is my judgment, the Supreme Court is acting beyond its competence and authority in attempting to dictate school funding. The legislature would be well advised to call the Court’s bluff as the McCleary decision is poorly reasoned and attempts to give the judicial department final say with regard to our political process. Indeed, McCleary borders on being nonsensical when it is considered that a substantial number of the children within Washington’s borders are homeless and starving. They likely will not benefit from increasing the more than  $12,000 per student which is already being spent on education. Indeed, many believe that it is only the corporations which are vying for these funds which will ultimately be benefitted. My experiences in the trenches on behalf of parents focuses my perspective. A few years ago the Seattle School Board closed a number of schools (some of which they subsequently opened at great cost) and assigned students to new schools. In a series of cases challenging these decisions I learned the school board’s process for making decisions was costly and unconstitutional. The Courts did not … Continue Reading