Nature’s Laws are predictable…

P1000116It has been said that one of the virtues of law is “predictability”.

Through gardening I have observed that nature’s laws are far more predictable than those made by humans.

If you nurture plants they will grow.

As a lawyer I have observed that the consequences of following the laws made by humans are not predictable.  Sometimes people will be punished if they do not follow the law.  If you are rich, you will be likely be rewarded when you break laws that increase your profits. Especially, if you are former clients of the Attorney General deemed “too big to fail.”

Nature is not always fair.  But it is predictable and it is not corrupt.

8 30 14 beanstalks2Money distorts America’s purpose because it substitutes itself in place of those goals which could benefit the world as a whole.

Potential innovations are evaluated not by the good they can do, but by the monetary effect they have on the already wealthy.

In the 21st century it is not just the love of money, which is evil.  Money itself has evolved to the point where materialism stagnates human progress.  Money also fails us as an adequate medium of exchange for more than 97% of the worlds’ population.  If our current monetary system does not provide minimal food, shelter, and security for most of us, then what is its purpose?

8 22 14 cabbage patchIt has been said that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”   Money has evolved to the point where it is the equivalent of that power which our framers sought to divide by our constitutional system of checks and balances.

Money has corrupted our government and governmental systems.

It is time for us to consider whether an economic system where the only purposes likely to be achieved are those designed to make more money for a few, will enhance or detract from the progress of humanity.

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Mr. Stafne is very experienced in property rights, including banking wrongs and foreclosure prevention; Constitutional Law (under the United States and Washington State Constitution); Appellate law; land use law; personal injury law. Scott has recently become a media focal point as his win record of foreclosure defense cases against the largest financial institutions, servicers, trustees as well as MERS have blazed the trail toward ending the foreclosure crisis and representing the rights of the homeowner above the profits and secret dealings of corporations.   Scott sees law as a foundation for establishing a system of twenty first century liberties for the people; and for removing that corruption of power within our government which makes the achievement of real purpose beholden to only money.   Scott Stafne has been an attorney since graduating from the University of Iowa in 1974. He worked for a large law firm in Indianapolis (Baker & Daniels) for two years. Thereafter, he moved to Seattle Washington in order to obtain a Masters of Law degree from the University of Washington, which he obtained in 1977. Scott practiced law while going to graduate school and has practiced ever since.   This is a personal blog, and does not constitute legal advice in any form, and is not necessarily reflective of the policies or opinions of Stafne Law Firm. Visit the Law Firm: Visit the Google+ Page: Visit the Facebook Page:   *Web Developer: David J. Posel
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