On my July 5, 2010 blog I chuckled about the Pierce County Bar Association’s conclusions about me because they set forth no reasons for them.  But yesterday the Seattle Times endorsed my opponent and I am hopping mad.  This is because the Seattle Times editorial board flat out lied.


Newspapers that lie should not be in business.

The Seattle Times editorial board wrote:

“Owens has two challengers: Douglas McQuaid, a sole practitioner in Seattle, and Scott Stafne, who has a law office in Arlington. Neither has been attending candidate interviews and, the last we checked, neither had raised a nickel, which says something about how seriously they take a statewide campaign for the high court. Owens has raised $41,525.”

The statements about me are false.  I have been attending candidate interviews.  Owens is the one who has been refusing candidate interviews.  Both Justice Owens and Mr. McQuaid refused to be interviewed by the King County Bar and that organization had to solicit comments from its members about them.   I am participating in the King County Bar Association’s interview process and have tried to answer all interview requests and questionnaires I have received.

The Seattle Times editorial also suggests I have not been out campaigning with the people and spelling out my judicial philosophy.  This is demonstrably untrue.  See my web site: Stafneforjustice.com .  I do not believe either of the other candidates for the Supreme Court Position 2 has attempted to engage the public by campaigning for the primary.

While I understand why the Times considers judgeships to be all about money since the results of the judicial system seem overwhelmingly  affected by  litigants’ wealth, it perturbs me that the Times is trying to use the amount of money a judicial candidate receives from special interests as a major factor in evaluating judicial performance.  The most pressing issue of the day is the ever growing disparity of wealth, which make many of the people I represent in foreclosure defense work or with regard to school issues unable to donate.  Indeed, I have to often do pro bono work or reduced fee work for them.  Hey editorial board, is it really just about the money for the Times?  Doesn’t the merit of the candidates and issues before them matter to the Times?

Since the Times chose not evaluate me, let me point out those areas where I believe I am better qualified than my opponent:

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND:  I graduated summa cum laude from both college and law school.  I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and Order of the Coif honorary societies.



I obtained an advanced law degree from the University of Washington in Law and Marine Affairs.


I may be wrong, but I do not believe Judge Owens has obtained any of these honors.   What has the Editorial Board learned about her academic background?

EXPERIENCE:  I have been a lawyer representing the little guy since I started practicing law in Washington in 1976.  Unfortunately, I know what it is like representing clients in a judicial system which is not working, partially because of the arrogance of judges.  We need change in our system.  As I state in my web page, http://stafneforjustice.com/ , I am committed to reducing the growing number of unpublished decisions and/or judicial orders which provide no reasoning for the results reached; and to responsibly supervise the lower courts so they operate in a fair manner for all.  We cannot accept a two-track justice system, which is unaffordable to the poor and much of the middle class.

Owens has been a judge for over 30 years.  She is a creature of the same courts, which are failing most of the people.  What is working so well with the court system that the Seattle Times is endorsing her for another six year term?

THE SEATTLE TIMES DID NOT DO ITS HOMEWORK:  As the Seattle PI noted in a recent blog, those lawyers who represent the poor are often burdened with unfair judicial ratings.  http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlepolitics/2012/06/29/a-bar-fight-over-judicial-candidate-ratings/  I won’t let the Seattle Times do that to me.  I’m old enough and wise enough to know that that it is hard to silence the truth once it has been told.  I am the better candidate and the times worship of money does not change this truth.

The Seattle Times editorial board does not know what it is talking about.  It is part of the corporate greed system which has allied itself against the people.

Please get the real facts before you vote.  Then vote for who you believe will make the best Supreme Court Justice for Position 2.

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Mr. Stafne is very experienced in property rights, including banking wrongs and foreclosure prevention; Constitutional Law (under the United States and Washington State Constitution); Appellate law; land use law; personal injury law. Scott has recently become a media focal point as his win record of foreclosure defense cases against the largest financial institutions, servicers, trustees as well as MERS have blazed the trail toward ending the foreclosure crisis and representing the rights of the homeowner above the profits and secret dealings of corporations.   Scott sees law as a foundation for establishing a system of twenty first century liberties for the people; and for removing that corruption of power within our government which makes the achievement of real purpose beholden to only money.   Scott Stafne has been an attorney since graduating from the University of Iowa in 1974. He worked for a large law firm in Indianapolis (Baker & Daniels) for two years. Thereafter, he moved to Seattle Washington in order to obtain a Masters of Law degree from the University of Washington, which he obtained in 1977. Scott practiced law while going to graduate school and has practiced ever since.   This is a personal blog, and does not constitute legal advice in any form, and is not necessarily reflective of the policies or opinions of Stafne Law Firm. Visit the Law Firm: http://stafnetrumbull.com Visit the Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/+ScottStafne Visit the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/scott.stafne.75   *Web Developer: David J. Posel
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