DOES TRUMP’S CRITICISM OF FEDERAL JUDGE HAVE MERIT? Yes, I know Trump has the guts to say what most of us are feeling about the empire. He puts on his baseball cap and rants. Trump tells the world he is tired of the corruption, including judicial corruption!!! And those of us who also feel abused by a government that caters only to the 1% cheer him on. Some of us may even vote for him. I get it!!!. Indeed, I would vote for Trump over Hillary. But I wouldn’t vote for Trump over anybody else … And here is why: Trump is a bully. When something happens he doesn’t like, his first reaction is to shoot his mouth off. And this works well for him now because he challenges an empire most of us have come to fear and despise. And the fact Trump voices our frustration is cool except when Trump’s rants have no logical nexus to that which he is complaining about and therefore make an important issue look less important than it really is. I wouldn’t be blogging about Trump’s criticism of a federal judge with a Mexican heritage except for the fact that it appears so off base as to disparage the legitimate criticism of our justice system and its courts which is currently ongoing throughout the land. This is an issue which needs to be discussed and not simply dismissed because of Trump’s rant. Hillary used the comment to denounce Trump as a bigot (which is something most of … Continue Reading