WEED AND SEED Two friends and I share a community garden. Gary Lennon does the lion’s share of the work. Gary wrote this. I am publishing it because it also is a great observation about life and politics. Gary writes: I’m into flowers and I’m not going to apologize.   In terms of propagation, there are always lots of volunteer re-starts. The editorial choice comes in the weeding out – I love little purple johnny jump-up in the strawberry bed, and when I’m weeding, I leave them in the ground. Ditto on the forget-me-nots – who wants their garden forgotten? If nasturtiums come back, I’ll transplant them to just where I want them. Every year, they come back. Purple potatoes shot through with orange nasturtiums define the look of our little hillside Eden. I left tall stands of Russian blue kale standing to go to seed. These kales have contributed to many a meal. Next year the upper bed will be full of seedings in the spring, and I will transplant and thin them, as I did with these giants three years ago. Notice the leek blooms – I saved a quarter row to flower (the blossoms are wonderful) so I could collect their seeds. Little dinosaur kale is from last fall – it wintered over and now will grow huge for fall. This is me (Scott) again. Here is a link to video series I have done on “Gardening and Government” which shares my thoughts about how government could be … Continue Reading