WHY DO AMERICANS CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY ON JULY 4 INSTEAD OF JULY 2?   This particular blog has an interesting evolution that suggests to me a spiritual synchronicity at work because the research it caused me to do is instructive with regards to several cases which I am currently working on. Let me explain. In late September, 2016 I was contacted by someone from Facebook about doing an interview on Press TV about the Wells Fargo scandal, which ultimately caused its CEO John Stumpf to resign in October, 2016. I am sure many of you remember the scandal. Wells Fargo had instructed many of its employees to fraudulently create new accounts for millions of its customers. Wells Fargo then dinged these customers for fees related to the fraudulent accounts, which came directly out of the money the customers had deposited in their personal accounts with Wells Fargo. Given that most of us live paycheck to paycheck, think about the number of overdraft fees this fraud generated for Wells Fargo and how much it impacted most of its customers. Although the employees crimes were apparent, prosecutors apparently looked the other way because a bank was paying its employees to break the law. Apparently, our prosecutors and courts believe banks are above the law. The person who asked me to appear on the show ECONOMIC DIVIDE indicated that she was a student at Azad University, and was doing an internship with Press TV. After checking the show, the University, and the network … Continue Reading