Spiritual Warfare, December 25, 2015

Spiritual Warfare, December 25, 2015
Yesterday’s blog, The Eve of Spiritual Justice, reflected my judgments and beliefs.
In this regard, I recognize, that it can be challenged. Indeed, one of those people I often turn to for criticism of my thoughts, emailed me back after reading it:

Hi Scott:

Strong, obviously “reaching conclusions.”  If you have facts to support in the blog then you surely have the right to state what those add up to.  If you are only presenting the conclusions – sort of like one of Shelley’s pro se pleadings – then you are overstepping, in my view, and you would do much better (and be more persuasive) to put the statements into questions, eliciting the reader to answer for themselves.  Then it’s their conclusion, not yours.




In a message dated 12/24/2015 2:24:31 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, scott@stafnelawfirm.com writes:

The eve of spiritual justice is upon us.

Is the eve of spirtual justice upon us?

We, as a people, have reached a spiritual consensus that governments have failed to promote humanity’s best interests .

Has coming to a spiritual consensus by “we the people” reached the tipping point – that governments have failed to promote humanity’s best interests .

We intuit the governmental corruption that denigrates our value as people and seeks to enslave us to debt as a matter of our collective consciousness.


We know instinctively that now is the time for a spiritual awakening to reassess our leaders’ priorities; which appear to be only that greed which will sustain their power over the rest us.

Everyone — from the rich to the poor; from the professional to the soldier — is aware of the evil which makes money, alone, a prerequisite  to the exercise of our natural rights.

There is a stench in the air, which we all smell and want to go away. It is worse than the smell of rotting flesh because it emanates from a rotting world that too few have controlled for too long.

We are on the eve of change.

Spiritual justice is now obtainable if we decide to create it.


After reflecting upon my friend’s advice I thought about zapping the blog.
In addition to not containing “facts” supporting the judgments contained in my Christmas Eve blog, I noticed that parts of the blog were not particularly well written. For example the line: “We intuit the governmental corruption that denigrates our value as people and seeks to enslave us to debt as a matter of our collective consciousness” is more understandable stated this way: We intuit as a matter of our collective consciousness the governmental corruption that denigrates our value as people and seeks to enslave us to debt.”
I didn’t zap the blog because I thought it was better to say something on Christmas Eve, rather than nothing at all. Moreover, all my experience, judgment, and spirit suggests the truth of my conclusions.
Christmas day my friend wrote back:
     Whereas this is the closest I can come to a “day off” I prayed on your blog situation last night, and awoke this morning with a calling.  I know it’s not what you may have been anticipating, but in a word, I find that we’re being steered into addressing forms of communication rather than substance.  With that finding I must ask, steered by whom/what?
     We are both engaged in “spiritual warfare” – and that is a topic very misunderstood by nearly everyone.  That I need to address this was emphasized this morning when my clock radio went on playing a lesson from preacher Jon Courson that is right on point.  I’ve attached it here. You can also listen to the program at joncourson.com – choose listen to programs.  Once the program [Wonderbread Part I] begins to play you can also save it (as I did) by right clicking on the screen and choosing save.  Courson had another program a couple of weeks ago that addressed “how can pain be something to help us move forward in our spiritual journey”?  I downloaded that one too.
     At first listen it may not seem to be related to what you are going through in your blog generation.  That takes “ears to hear” – and I can help you with that. That’s what I’m now writing about and will send you, but it will likely take several hours. It will be written “in principle” (not personal) but on-point to what both you and I are dealing with.
     So, sorry for the put-off, but you’re actually asking something that is much more important than simply getting your blog out.
Blessings and Merry Christmas,
I listened to John Corson’s MP3 Searchlight Radio Program. (You can too by clicking the link joncourson.com above) Courson explains that as we age we are given gifts; i.e. greater opportunities for spiritual growth.
These opportunities frequently present themselves as problems. I believe those of us who experience such problems are given a spiritual calling to solve them.
In today’s world there are millions of people who have experienced and continue to suffer corrupt governmental injustice first hand. We must unite together in 2016 to stop this evil from hurting us further and injuring more people.
Sometimes, our efforts, like my Christmas Eve blog, may not state all the supporting facts and arguments. That does not mean the statements we make from our heart are not accurate.
As we begin the spiritual warfare necessary to achieve spiritual justice in 2016 we must remember, that it is always better to speak your truth than remain mute…  Just a few words of your own truth spoken aloud may inspire others to create a chorus that our leaders will ignore at their peril.
Merry Christmas and hopefully a better new year for all of the 99% in 2016!!!
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