Spiritual Synchronicity Grows Well in the Soil of Tyranny…



History demonstrates seeds of hope can grow robustly in the soil of tyranny because oppression leads us to crave light and liberation.

I am not the leader or founder of Church of the Gardens (COG). 

COG is a growing movement of spiritual people called together to pursue an imperative mission. My observation is COG grows through spiritual synchronicity and the free exercise of faith.


COG is presently a small movement of conscience. It will need members to grow into a groundswell politicians and judges will take into account. Rising to the needs of the day together we can be the change we seek. 

I want to thank John Wright of the Piggybank blog for the work he has put into this production.

I am proud to have been involved in COG’s formation. I am also proud to be the advocate for the Church, its members, and those persons COG was created to help and protect.

COG has no single spiritual leader;  as a spiritual movement it personifies the natural inclusiveness of a garden. Gardens are composed of many different types of creations, together making up a whole greater than their sum. Through complementarity we embrace a fresh approach.  

COG seeks to establish community with other faith-based organizations to network the distribution of hope, food, faith and good will.

Please join COG.


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