Hedge Fund Creeps


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Hedge Fund Creeps

Courts allow Hedge Fund Creeps (HFC), like Mr. Shreli, to blackmail our neighbors and family into paying exorbitant amounts of money for medicine they need to to live. While those of us injured by such market place anarchy, see good reason to limit such sociopathic behavior, the Roberts Court continues to find a constitutional right for HFCs to pick the flesh off the bones of those people who actually served their country.

No, I don’t mean the Roberts Court has gone out of its way to protect young punk HFC pharmaceutical guru Shkreli. Our present day justices appear to manipulate their constitutional jurisprudence to benefit much bigger and more heinous fish, like the Kochs and those hedge fund creeps (spelled Berkshire Hathaway) who are buying up mortgages on people’s home for pennies on the dollar. According to Robert’s Court growing body of precedent the extraordinarily wealthy have every right to use their money to to buy a government which will legislate their right to take more money from us.

The Robert court’s new Constitutional matra:

“The wealthy are free make more money; and the rest of are free to be destitute, indentured, and abused by the rich.”

Present day courts give real meaning to the song, Me and Bobbie McGee.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose…”

In other words, to the 1% (and the government which serves them) we, the people, are “free” because we have the right to buy from our medicine and/or food and/or shelter for whatever the cost might be. But this is a stupid definition of freedom because it does not take into account the economic reality that many, and soon perhaps most, people will not be able to afford life’s necessities. So those who are free to buy

In today’s world we are at an intersection of social liberty and economic power where the word “freedom” has contradictory meanings.

As Jedediah Purdy, a Duke University Law Professor, explains in an article entitled “The Roberts Court v America: How the Roberts Supreme Court is using the First Amendment to craft a radical, free market jurisprudence” the rulings of our present Supreme Court harken back to the the rejected rationales of the Lochner Era, i.e. giving constitutional protection to unequal economic power in the name of personal liberty.

The truth is there can be no freedom beyond death without sufficient economic ability to exercise political liberty.

The Roberts Courts attempts to legitimize the vast economic disparity of our times through ill conceived judicial review destroys the social compact our founders intended the Constitution would create. That compact was intended to substitute “for such physical inequality as nature may have set up between men, an equality that is moral and legitimate, and that men who may be unequal in strength or intelligence, become every one equal by convention and legal right.” It is only under bad governments, like that being promoted by the Roberts court, that freedom becomes illusory: ” it serves only to keep the pauper in his poverty and the rich man in the position he has usurped.”

Let’s hear it again for the Roberts courts’ Hedge Fund Creeps.

The Roberts Court supports the freedom of economic disparity to benefit Hedge Fund Creeps – Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…



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