INDEPENDENCE DAY 2015, July 4, 2015

Independence Day should not be celebrated because we, the people, are free. Most of us cannot afford to exercise our God given natural rights.

Independence Day is notable because it reminds us that personal freedom remains a goal for humankind at the dawn of the twenty-first century; notwithstanding the efforts of our economic system to put a price on liberty.

As we watch the fireworks which symbolize the Revolutionary War we should remember the Declaration of Independence did not announce an intent that all people in the colonies would be equal and free. Rather lives were sacrificed so those persons who would otherwise have control of the colonies, but for the King, could exercise governmental power as equals.

Women and slaves were not considered equals in the Eighteenth Century.

Before this nation’s Civil War, Frederick Douglass, a former slave, was asked to speak at an Independence Day celebration. Understandably, Douglass commented in 1852 that asking him to celebrate freedom while his own people were enslaved was “sacrilegious irony.” Douglass declared that to those who are not free this nation’s Independence Day celebrations “are a sham.”

Today many concerned citizens feel the same way as Frederick Douglass.

Our government tells us we are a free people, but only to the extent we can afford our liberties.

Politicians claim to own and control God’s gifts to humankind for the purpose of enriching themselves and indebting us to those who by virtue of their wealth are truly free.

We, the people of the world, can never be free in an economic system that is designed to have more debt than there is money available to pay off such debt. Those who lend under such circumstances cannot expect to be paid in currency which does not exist. Yet, experience teaches lenders expect to be paid.

For too long we have allowed the bankers to take from us those basic liberties, dignities, and resources God so freely gave us as repayment for debts that should never have been made and the bankers knew could never be repaid.

In 2015 we all know that the only way for the world’s nations and peoples to obtain liberty is to eliminate the disparity of wealth between the 1% and the 99%. This can best be achieved by a Jubilee cancelling all the world’s debt. Alternatively, the United States government can bail out the people of the world by creating enough real money (not Federal Reserve notes) to pay off the people’s debts.

As we move forward in this 21st century, we should encourage people around the world to announce sovereign Jubilees as a way declaring independence from those who want us to pay for what God has freely provided us.

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

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