The Agenda 31 radio show and Arlington, Washington’s “RAIN OR SHINE CLASSIC CAR SHOW”, June 13, 2015

I drove to my office pretty early for a Saturday morning to do the Agenda 31 radio program from a comcast-internet connection, rather than the slower satellite connection at my home.

It was not yet 8:00 am when I noticed I was following a 1957 Chevy Bel air into town. It turned left onto Olympic Avenue North, the main drag in Arlington, Washington. As I went to follow I noticed the barricade and sign that announced Arlington’s “Rain or Shine” classic car show. So instead of turning left I followed the roundabout to make a circle and turned right at the top. I travelled four blocks and turned right again, parking across the street from my office on Third Street.

As I walked toward the Stafne Trumbull law firm and Olympic Avenue I recognised the excitement that frames the annual car show. People had set up chairs on the sidewalk outside our office and down the street so they could observe what was going on.

I didn’t take much time to observe the event then as I wanted to some legal research about the “Guarantee Clause” before the show started.

I enjoyed talking with Todd and Corey, the hosts of the Agenda 31 show. We talked about a wide range of topics. What I discovered from talking to these two articulate gentlemen, one in Davenport, Iowa and the other in Los Angeles, California, is just how deep the frustration is with America’s justice system. These well educated and prominent members of their respective communities believe, as do I, that our courts do not anymore afford the people an effective justice system. We all agreed, based on our different life experiences, that the american empire at the dawn of twenty first century is more evil than good and that the people need to stand together in order take our country back. At least, I think we agreed on that.

I have linked the Agenda 31 podcast here.

So anyway when the show was over, about 11:00 am PST, I went downstairs, out out the door, and into the glorious sunshine. I looked at the people and cars around me and started walking amongst the activity. I pulled out my cell phone and took these pictures. It was fun to take them. I hope you enjoy them.

6 13 2013 car show 4

6 13 2013 car show 14

6 13 2014 car show15

6 13 2015 16

6 13 2015 car show 3

6 13 2015 car show 5

6 13 2015 car show 7

6 13 2015 car show 9

6 13 2015 car show 10

6 13 2015 car show 11

6 13 2015 car show 12

6 13 2015 car show 13

6 13 2015 car show 15

6 13 2015 car show 20

6 13 2015 car show 21

6 13 2015 car show 24

6 13 2015 car show 25

6 13 2015 car show 27

6 13 2015 car show 28

6 13 2015 car show 29

6 13 2015 car show 30

6 13 2015 car show

6 13 2015 care show 6

6 13 2015 care show2

6 15 2013 car show win

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