Update to April 3, 2015 blog: West publishes case against MERS… April 10, 2015

I received the following email from Westlaw today.


11:57 AM (22 minutes ago)
to me

Dear Scott,

Here is the on-line version of the Knecht case now available on Westlaw. Please let me know if you need anything else!


 Knecht v. Fidelity Nat. Title Ins. Co.

W.D.Wash. February 27, 2015

Slip Copy

2015 WL 1514911

Thank you for using WestlawNext.



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Reference Attorney

Thomson Reuters

Phone: 800-REF-ATTY (733-2889)

I still wonder how often West chooses not to report cases based on the alliances of its corporate parent? For those of you who do not subscribe to West (which is likely a majority of those persons not involved in the legal/judicial/corporate complex) you can find a copy of this decision on Google scholar by clicking on this link.

It is also interesting to note that West does not, as is its usual practice, identify the lawyers who represented the parties regarding this motion.  Hmmm….



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