It is understandable, although perhaps undesirable, that thousands of police officers go to New York to mourn the assassination of two of their own. The problem with their show of unity as a national interest group in today’s world is that it suggests these officers are separated from the local peoples they are expected to serve and protect.

The open hostility of police against the mayor of New York for having previously criticized the use of an illegal choke hold which resulted in the death of a civilian, is and should be a grave concern to the vast majority of American citizens. This administration’s militarization of law enforcement in communities across the continent with weapons of war to be used against local people upon command betrays those covenants necessary for any legitimate claim to governance with the consent of the people.

The Declaration of Independence documents a free peoples’ abhorrence of standing armies and mercenaries as a means of governance. Yet this appears to be the role our leaders have chosen for police. Although a biased media would have us believe that we are only dealing with issues of race; I think it more likely that the media is publicizing police violence (and immunity)  as a way to let us all know we will not be free (or possibly even alive) if we do not acquiesce to their will or whim. Surely, both the police and their superiors must know that at some point immunity from injustice will be seen as tyranny “[f]or protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States…”

From the vantage point of most citizens it is not at all apparent that police take their role to protect and serve the people as significantly as their role to protect the property of the rich, be they American or not. Far too often law enforcement is utilized in aid of banks and corporations to force people from their homes based on evidence that everyone knows or should know is not adequate to sustain a foreclosure. Then we watch as the stolen homes rot and fall into disrepair or are utilized by the rich to impoverish our middle class. What is their ultimate goal?

Our founders embraced a view of the world in which a person’s position was determined, not by birth, money, or title, but by talent, ability, and enterprise. Use of the police as armies against the people amounts to treason by the world’s financial elites against the citizens of America and the peoples of the world.

Our quarrel is not with one another, but the 1% who would enslave use through use of their money to compromise our once great governmental institutions; which were designed to insure it was the people who held and ultimately exercised power. To the extent Law Enforcement sides with its own, and not the people; or serves as mercenaries for the rich against the will of majorities of this nation’s citizens, law enforcement fails to appreciate the role they were intended to play in American society. Until local police recognize they serve the people, and the vast majority of people observe this, they will never achieve the respect and appreciation local police should be afforded.


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