End Two Party Tyranny


End Two Party Tyranny

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I blogged about why I became a Libertarian in 2016.

We, as people, have traveled the path of civilization to a point where freedom and economic wealth have become an intersection where most us must stop because we do not have the economic resources to exercise our most basic liberties. As a Libertarian I object to the government becoming an ally of the rich in enslaving people to debt which makes it impossible to exercise their freedoms.

When our country was founded capitalism provided an adequate mechanism for most people to accumulate sufficient economic resources to enable them to exercise their personal liberties. Today, the crony capitalism promoted by the republican and democratic parties has created such disparity of wealth that only a few have access to those fundamental freedoms our forefathers took for granted.

I cannot continue to support the two party tyranny which has created the greatest system of injustice the world has ever seen. No longer do we engage in debate over entitlement programs; we simply evict our vulnerable and let them die unknown on our streets.

Of course, there are several third parties out there I could have joined. I picked the Libertarian Party because I believe it is the best organized to upset the mono-parties (i.e. republican and democratic) in Washington’s early primary. I also chose this party because of its emphasis of “liberty” because I still believe it is key to the purpose of government.

I believe the time has come when we, as a people, must make a choice between the empire’s crony capitalism economic system and the actual liberties our Creator intended we have…

Republican and democratic incumbents obviously believe their loyalty should be to their political party and not to the people who elect them.

I disagree.

I believe America’s voters should leave those parties and look to other independent and third party candidates to represent them, their families, and communities.

It is because I want to promote significant change in the status quo at the expense of the democratic and republican parties that I decided to run for Congress as a Libertarian.

I fiercely support liberty, but no one in the party has explained to me yet what a free market sufficient to preserve and protect people’s liberties will look like.

And that is both the problem and the promise of the Libertarian party in 2016.

But it is an exciting and intellectually stimulating problem to have.

It is not like being a republican or democrat candidate where the party tells you what the 1% requires of you.

We, the people, get to figure this out! For example, would a free market in the Libertarian sense include pharmaceutical, software and agricultural patents that protect huge corporations and deter innovations for decades?

How would a free market protect itself from governmental manipulation like that which chose Edison over Tesla and criminalized the hemp industry to promote petroleum based plastics?

How can we, the people, protect against this type of governmental manipulation?

Being a member of the Libertarian Party, or any third party, at this time in history is exciting because it gives each of us a seat at the table where our future will be decided.

Republicans and democrat candidates can’t offer you this because their core constituency is their political party, not the people they are supposed to represent. Neither of those parties cares about what we the people want or have to say.

I can’t promise the Libertarian party will come up with a free market system sufficient to sustain our freedoms without governmental support.

But I can promise that I will always be loyal to my fellow citizens and the communities in which we live over and above any political ideology or party.

I will take my job as representative seriously and strive to represent all of the people in Washington Congressional District 1.

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