U.S. Mainstream Media is like China’s Free Press


At the Federal Candidates Forum in Everett Justin Murta, the Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner, commented on his bizarre interview with the Seattle Times. I smiled inside because I knew the process was rigged. That’s why I decided not to participate in that interview process and told the Times so publicly in this blog.

The Mainstream media’s endorsements of my opposition are now out.

Their endorsements are pretty much comical.

What the Stranger writes about DelBene sounds more like indictment of a “do nothing- I won’t talk about anything” incumbent who does what the Democratic party tells her to do, rather than a  candidate who wants to represent the people of Washington’s Congressional District 1.

Here is what the Stranger’s editorial board writes about DelBene:

We nearly endorsed Alex Storms, a proud Bernie Bro with predator-looking facial hair because snoozy incumbent Suzan DelBene was SO FUCKING WISHY-WASHY. She’s the human equivalent of the goddamned shrug emoji.

Should we abolish the superdelegates, Suzan?


Should our state tax carbon, Suzan?


Should Congress vote to recognize the Duwamish Tribe, Suzan?


Should all drugs be decriminalized, Suzan?


We hated Storms, but at least he was willing to say where he stood. Abolish superdelegates: Yes. Carbon tax: Yes. Duwamish recognition: Yes. Drug decriminalization: No. The only thing DelBene seemed remotely enthused about was an obscure sales tax measure that would reclaim money from remote transactions for the state. Zzzzzzz.

DelBene’s crushing dullness almost led us to endorse a fuckwit candidate who has no business running for office. But we can’t hate her just because she’s boring. We have to give props to DelBene for her efforts to protect women’s abortion rights, restrict the purchase of guns, and provide funding for a number of resources for drug users including housing, job placement, and treatment. She may have nearly bored us to death, but DelBene has a history of actively working on progressive issues. Storms, who is a Boeing engineer, is all talk. Vote DelBene.

You can find the Stanger’s endorsement of DelBene online by clicking here. Yes, the endorsement really does say this and includes the F-words for no particular purpose.

Significantly, the Stranger didn’t even know there are three other candidates running for this office, including 2 Republicans and a Libertarian. You can learn about these candidates and access their relevant information by clicking here.

We, the people, need to dig deeper than rely on this newspaper’s foul-mouthed editors.

Would any intelligent voter rely on the Stranger’s endorsement. Not a chance.

The Seattle Times endorsement of DelBene is almost as ludicrous. It concludes: “Overall, DelBene is a smart, hardworking lawmaker, and her opponents this year, including Republican Robert Sutherland and independent Alex Storms, are not serious competition.”

But this ignores the fact that two other candidates are in the race, one of which (me) has attacked the Seattle Times as being the public relations department of the two party system. And if you doubt this, just look at the Times endorsements – republicans and democrats every one.



As you can see the mainstream media (yes, the Stranger has become a part of it) doesn’t have a clue about what the voters in this district want or need.

So why does mainstream media make endorsements without researching the concerns of the people who are electing each candidate?

Hmmmm…. Maybe because of $$$$$$$? (That seems pretty much the only reason the media does anything in America.)

Whatever reasons the mainstream media has for telling you how to vote, it is clear that that mainstream media does not take into account what the people in the representative’s want and need before making endorsements.

People should not respect these endorsements because they are bogus and ill informed.

This means it is up to you, the voter, to get your facts straight.

I’ve provided links to all the candidates’ web sites in District 1 so you can know where they stand on the issues. You can access each candidate’s public links by clicking here.

You might observe that DelBene’s stuff looks pretty good. But that is to be expected. After all, she is one  the top 20 richest members in Congress and has already amassed a campaign war chest of over $1,300,000. She has the money she needs to make her look good.

I promise to not spend over $5,000 on my campaign because I want everyone to understand the David versus Goliath fight we as a people must engage to end the two party tyranny which has destroyed our once great nation.

And this battle can only be won if each of us does our homework. You need to know which candidate will best represent you, your family, neighbors, and communities in Congress.

BTW I think the Liberty Chronicle is a good place to get news for the Liberty minded and concerned.


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