It was an agreement with the devil right from the start. Bernie probably knew that.

But in hindsight it was a good way for us to get the movement born. Most of us already knew the truths Bernie spoke out loud. The significant thing was that someone running for president was speaking about the need for social justice and promising that, if elected, he would work to achieve it.  

Bernie’s speeches focused our awakening. His identification of our passion for social justice birthed into the world the movement to which so many of us are now committed.

Let’s face it. Bernie’s attempt to obtain the Democratic nomination required him to make an agreement with an already corrupt political party in order to promote his goals to bring about a better world today.

Bernie Sanders was not a democrat before he sought the nomination. He was one of a handful of remarkable leaders who have been elected to Congress on their own merits and not as a member of either the republican or democratic parties. See About Third Party candidates.

The same integrity that caused Bernie to run is the same integrity which caused him to have to support Clinton after running as a democrat.

This does not mean the passion for change that Bernie tapped into should stop or slow down.

Indeed, Bernie’s forced submission to Hillary is proof that we need to soldier on against the two party tyranny which has destroyed the promise that once was America.

Bernie has to support Hillary over Trump. BUT WE DON’T.

I admire and respect Bernie. But I will not vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what Bernie wants me to do.

It is not because I like Trump that I would vote for him over Hillary. It is because I honestly believe that as between the two of them, Trump is likely to do less harm to the people than Hillary.

Fortunately, this year all of us will have more choices than just Trump or Clinton.

The Libertarians have nominated two former governors, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, as their candidates for president and vice-president. Each has a distinguished record. Both were elected and re-elected as governors. Weld is a former U.S. Attorney and significantly has indicated that he will prosecute those types of banking crimes which have caused our nation’s homelessness crisis and debt based despair.You can learn more about them here.

Jill Stein is another credible candidate who is expected to be nominated by the Green Party for the presidency. She is an accomplished physician, author, and activist who, like Weld and Johnson, cares more about people than does either Trump or Clinton. You can learn more about Jill here.

We are poised at a unique moment in history. A time when we, the people, can start to rid ourselves of the republican and democratic political parties, which while once useful, have allowed themselves to become owned by the 1%.

Let’s honor Bernie for bringing us here. But let’s also acknowledge that the movement he tapped into is now born and must grow.



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