Why Congress?

Why Congress?

Someone asked me: “Why aren’t you running to be  judge? Why are you running for Congress?”



I answered: “Because unless Congress does its job the system of checks and balances set up in our Constitution does not work. Congress is the branch of government which is supposed to oversee how all the branches of government are working.”

She raised an eyebrow. “What are you saying, Scott?”

I looked back at her and asked: “Did you know the legislative branch of government was supposed to be the eyes and ears of the people?”

She answered: “No. I thought Congress was supposed to enact laws.”

“Yes, enacting laws is one of Congress’ purposes. But an equally important role is to oversee, and where necessary impeach, officials in the other branches of government who are abusing their powers.”

She thought about what I said. “Please tell me more.”

“A good example, would be oversight of the judicial department. Many believe that we need judicial reform because our courts aren’t working for the people.”

Now she was quiet. I could tell she was listening.

“Federal courts jurisdiction in most circumstances to decide cases is determined by statute. This means that Congress can and should be playing a much greater role in making sure that the check and balances in our system work. Congress does not, and should not abdicate, all of its authority to the Court to determine how that branch of government functions. A self-regulated judicial department gives judges way more authority than those citizens who ratified our Constitution intended the judicial branch of government would have. The judicial branch of government was supposed the ‘weakest branch,’ but as legislative and executive officers became more concerned with the money needed to secure their own elections they cared less about making sure that branch of government functioned properly.”

If elected to Congress in Washington’s First Judicial District one of my foremost priorities will be to investigate judicial corruption and bias at the federal level. I will propose legislation designed to end rule of America by a judicial oligarchy of judges who are often appointed to office because of their affiliation with either the republican or democratic parties.

The people who wrote and ratified the Constitution surely did not expect that the separation of powers they envisioned to protect the people would be abdicated to two political parties, both of which are dedicated to promoting the benefit of the one percent, which finances them.

If you are interested in how the protections our founders put in place to protect the people have been eroded over time, here are some blogs I have written which can help you evaluate what I believe. This in turn can help you decide whether you want to support my run for Congress. If you do, please share this blog as I determined not to accept financial donations.

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Why Congress? Because our founders expected Congressional Representatives to work for the People and that is what I want to do. Justice is a right, not something you have to purchase.



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