Government salaries go up in Washington State

Government salaries go up in Washington State… Here’s how much.

I wrote a blog last year suggesting Washington needs more people competing for judgeships.

Since election day for judges is August 2, 2016 I want to explain why those lawyers who have not been able to find jobs or jobs they like should consider running for a judgeship.

A judge’s pay is good. Real good and it is going up. If you get a job as a judge you can probably pay off your student debt before retirement.

Another reason you should consider running for judge is because many of the judges currently in office are not young enough to appreciate their generation’s bias against debtors and in favor of the wealthy. If you doubt me on this, conduct an experiment. Go down to a superior court on a Friday and listen to a summary judgment calendar. I’m sure you will hear three or four foreclosure cases and see judges issue rulings which will be used to evict people, often the elderly or families with children, from their homes and onto the streets.

Yes, go to a summary judgment calendar on Friday and you will see the slick, facile, sharply dressed mouthpieces for the hedge fund servicers roll over homeowners trying to represent themselves; who fumble with their argument under the impatient glare of a “let’s get this over with” judge.

You will feel an entire courtroom devoid of empathy because of the “deadbeat debtor” stigma the older, most materialistic generation of all time buys into. 

It is time to remove such philosophically biased judges from our courts, legislators from the legislature, and elected executive officials from office.

We need judges and other elected officials from those generations who have and are experiencing the consequences of the unbridled governmental corruption to move into positions of power now before the disparity of wealth grows even more obscene.

Lawyers and other college educated young people who have been enslaved to life time student debt understand what virtually all other generations before the Boomers knew. There comes a time when debt must be forgiven in order to facilitate those liberties which are necessary for society to move on. 

We need government officials, including judges, who get it.

We need officials who understand that when money has become the medium of exchange for everything, every purpose must be tilted toward making money regardless of whether this promotes what is best for society.

The greed of my generation has been grotesquely immoral. That is why those young people who see and understand this should not wait to achieve political power. They should run for office now before it is too late to take our country back from those few people who think they own it.

Throughout history the cancellation of debt has been part of the natural order of things.

Debt Forgiveness as a foundation for society

Biblical Jubilee

Christian Jubilee


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